Broad Channel Bits

A Trip Down Memory Lane

We have felt the grip of the winter’s icy cold temperatures; some folks would have been fine without it, but we are supposed to have four seasons every year. And we get them, global warming notwithstanding! At the beginning of the year, a trip down Memory Lane can be fun. I was given the photograph by Margaret Wagner, who wrote […]

Drawing On Science For Kids

When Competition Is Not A Sport

Any sport or game is a competition. Only one person or team can be a winner. In nature plants and animals are always in competition. But if there’s a winner then the loser may become extinct or pushed out of its environment. By studying nature we know that plants and animals need certain things to survive. This study of natural […]

From The Artists Studio

Visual Jazz and an Irish Cello

RAA CONTACT INFO: Phone: 718 474-0861; Fax: 718 474-4373; e-mail:; website: Highlights from “Get Out of Town”: In New Orleans, music is a religion and religion moves to the tempos of the city’s music. In the photographs of Marvin Schwartz this spiritual union, this natural expression of the soul is extended into visual eloquence and held in the […]

From the Editor’s Desk

Why Was Gang-Banger On Street Instead Of Jail?

I I was all ready to trot out my handy crystal ball so that I could continue to tell you what happened to Rockaway in the year of 2008, but I got sidetracked by a police-involved shooting here in Rockaway and wanted to address that before it got too stale. As you probably know by now, Ronnie Smalls, 22, was […]

Historical Views of the Rockaways

In Memory of Wooden Bungalows at Seaside, Rockaway Beach, N.Y.

There are many bungalows still located at the west end of the seaside section of our peninsula. The greater part of these have been converted or remodeled into year-round dwellings. The first of these appeared in the western border of the seaside section in the early twentieth century, and were put together (as they were prefabricated in Michigan) by John […]

Looking Backward

What The Wave Said 20 Years Ago… North Channel Bridge, between Broad Channel and Howard Beach, was rated this week by the State Department of Transportation as New York City’s fourth worst bridge. Barry Berger of Beach 129 Street, Belle Harbor, is in the trauma unit of Kings County Hospital, severely wounded by an accidental gunshot in a Criminal Court […]

Notes from the High C’s

Rockaway Music and Arts Council

Welcome to 2008 and my wish for everyone is that the new year is good for you and your family. May we all be in good health, and prosperity and only good things for everyone. My hope is that our country, especially, and our community in particular, prosper. I hope that our servicemen and women can come home soon from […]

Notes On Consumer Affairs

Commentary By Assemblywoman Audrey Pheffer

With the warmth of summer behind us, it is important to take a moment and consider three potential dangers that are unique to the winter months. In addition to the annual threat of frozen pipes, consumers who use space heaters to keep their homes warm or certain deicers to keep their driveways and sidewalks clear of snow and ice may […]

School Scope

Run Bloomberg, Run

A story in the New York Times, “Obama’s Surge Deflates Forum and Talk of a Bloomberg Run,” on the day before the New Hampshire primary may have been premature in burying Michael Bloomberg’s independent run for the presidency. I hope he does run, but not because I am a supporter. One has to ask why so many veteran NYC educators […]

Simon says…

We wish you and your family a happy, healthy New Year. May 2008 bring peace on earth, happiness and wealth for all. If you think that you are the only one having trouble with the Post Office, think again. Sometimes we think we have been personally targeted, especially when my office and home mail get stamped Return to Sender, Attempted-Not […]