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The Rockaway Jetty

One Child. One Need At A Time.
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Rockaway Park, NY 11694


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Additional Information Created in August 2008, The Rockaway Jetty is a locally based not-for-profit charitable organization that focuses on helping Rockaway’s children in need. The "Jetty" is made up of local residents and business owners that donate their time and effort to helping children and families in Rockaway, Breezy Point, and Broad Channel. Be it a new winter coat, books for school, or, in more serious cases, monies to offset costly medical bills, The Rockaway Jetty wants to help.

We are able to help these children and families because of the kindness and generosity of local residents and business owners. We seek corporate donations as well. Without these resources we wouldn't be able to continue in our efforts to address "One child. One need at a time."

So...what happnes to the money that we raise???

At our monthly meetings we discuss the growth of The Rockaway Jetty and how to appropriate the monies that we have received. One of the keys to operating an organization like The Rockaway Jetty is to run it as efficiently as possible. In fact, The Rockaway Jetty doesn't have any overhead or administrative costs. With the exception of the cost of our annual "Meet and Greet," every penny we raise finds its way to children and/or families in the Rockaways.

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