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Belle Harbor House Calls

Bringing the Vet to your Pet!
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Belle Harbor, NY 11694


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Additional Information Belle Harbor House Calls Dr. Karina Salvo comes from a long background of being involved within the animal world as a technician. After 16 years of being a technician, from a single doctor practice to becoming a senior nurse at a multispecialty veterinary practice, she decided to take her education to the next level...and applied to Veterinary school.

She graduated in 2005 and completed a rotating Small Animal Medical and Surgical internship in 2007 at New York City Veterinary Specialists in of the leading multispecialty veterinary hospitals in the country!

Since then, she has been working in a high volume, fast paced general, surgical and emergency practice.

Dr. Salvo has recently moved to the area and is in the process of becoming an active member of various social networks within the community!

She brings with her Nico, a 4 year old Yorkie, Lucia, a rescued 15 year old Pitbull mix, GreyBaby and 20 years old, both bottle raised as kittens by Dr. Salvo, and finally, Bailey...a 17 year old diabetic kitty!

New York State Veterinary Medical Society
American Veterinary Medical Association
International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management
American Association of Feline Practioners
Veterinary Wound Management Society
Emergency Critical Care Society

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