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The Poseidon Adventure
Commentary By Peter Stubben

When the Mets are losing I usually turn to the History Channel.

I enjoy learning about the glories that were Rome, Greece, the great Pharaohnic constructions of Egypt, the Renaissance, and the Seven Wonders of The World. Not to mention the Assyrians, the Qin dynasty, Gettysburg, Jim Bowie, the American Revolution, and all that stuff.

Recently though, a new trend of history seems to proliferate on these channels, and it disturbs me greatly.

First, there are these abominable “alien” shows on TV purporting to be history, reporting on the arrival of extra-terrestrials to the shores of America (you know, to places like Roswell, N.M. and Area 51 in Nevada).

Now though, these alien shows have morphed to the past to re-interpret and to re-read the History of Civilization as an interventionist record – a record of aliens intervening into the affairs of man.

Sadly and tragically, these guys remind me of today”s progressives and far-left liberals reinterpreting U.S. history.

These TV oracles for aliens – can I call them idiots? - deny history as a record of human accomplishment. They deny man’s inspiration – they deny man’s industry.

These ”idiots” claim the average human of those days incapable of creating awesome institutions and edifices; that these structures were only possible through the intervention of advanced aliens who came from other worlds to assist us humans to build the temples and pyramids of yesteryear. Such as those that still shadow visitors to the Giza Plateau, and still circle the highlands of Britain, and still salute the seas off Easter Island.

Our bodies obviously evolved from the ape, but with a soul and with a spirit of understanding.

With a sense of wit, humor, drama and tragedy and with a keen intelligence and memory, we leapfrogged out of the evolutionary tract into what we are today.

These “wackos” deny all this – they deny the Incas, the Mayans, the Egyptians, the Greeks - the spirit of adventure, the stand-up comedian, the power of numbers, weights and measures – and replace them with an otherworldly “Deus Ex Machina.”

Along the time travel line, in the new world of the Americas, our founders and framers likewise leapfrogged over the then-current world of affairs and imbued our new nation with a soul.

That is, they proposed that this new nation be governed by the governed.

Shockingly, they said no to the king, no to the sultan, no to the czar, no to the emperor - no to the monarchy, the dynasty, the caliphate.

They codified only limited powers to a central government, and all other powers to the people and their local governments.

They inverted the pyramid, so to speak.

Today’s progressives – like the oracles for “ancient aliens” – deny or dismiss America’s phantasmagorical gains, the unchartered prosperity of a “free” America… and the enormous progress presently taking place in a “more-free” world around us.

Shockingly, they propose the interventionist model.

They place their faith in an enlightened few - the mandarins, not the commonweal.

These oh-so-progressives, in effect, deny the rights of man, free markets, free assembly, and free religion that serve as free radicals stimulating development; and they seek to replace them with their own “deus ex machine,” the state.

Unfortunately, for a progressive thinker and advocate like our sitting President, it is a natural progression for him, on the one hand, to work around the balance of powers.

On the other, approving Department of Defense activities to spy not just on enemies abroad, but also our citizens at home, without cause! You know, to protect our 300 million from ourselves.

The Fourth Amendment be damned.

And, unfortunately, for a progressive thinker and advocate like our sitting Mayor, it is a natural progression for him to back a recent proposal that replaces rigorous entry testing for New York City”s great high-schools like Stuyvesant and New York Tech with a “holistic” entry criteria, thereby re-scripting America’s glorious equal opportunity, blind merit and competition with the debilitating and smothering equal outcomes.

These are alien interventions! They need to be thwarted! I await – with great expectations - a Fall World Series for the Mets and rewrites on The History Channel.

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