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Hipster Hate Is Counter-Productive

We see and hear the terms every day; hipster, DFD, and outsider. There’s probably more than we know, and frankly, more than we care to mention. The objections to these folks are heard loud and clear, especially of late.

There’s a growing negative response to the influx of people moving to – or visiting -- Rockaway, and others predicting a “contrived faux bohemia” as the future of the peninsula.

Not all of the rhetoric is negative, some have embraced the new culture, see the arrival of commerce – desperately needed post-Sandy -- and what it can do to help the community.

Sadly, the negative responses are the most vocal, even at community board meetings, and as far as The Wave is concerned, counter-productive.

As people come from all over the city to enjoy Rockaway, the peninsula should be welcoming – even to those who may not be as respectful or aware of the “rules” and / or culture that is prevalent here. Whether it is higher-priced concessions or pizza joints that only sell by the pie and not the slice, it’s all money that gets pumped into the local businesses and as a direct byproduct, the local community.

Rather than being hostile to these folks; especially the ones moving into Rockaway, choosing to live here and make homes here, why not try to adapt?

At this point, with much of the area still trying to maintain and build with what little incentives the city, state and federal government doles out, wasting energy on divisive rhetoric seems foolish.

We’re not saying you have to hug a hipster, but trying a handshake might do just fine.

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Keep your nostalgic hot dogs

Keep your nostalgic hot dogs and pretzels in Coney Island. The new wave of people coming and living in Rockaway require higher quality and fresh thoughtful food. I could care less where the money comes from, this area is in desperate need of investment. Sandy washed away the old dirty Rockaway, it's time to embrace the new one. Now if you excuse me there is a great party happening at Surf Club!

Living in one of the few nice

Living in one of the few nice areas of Brooklyn, I've seen these Hipsters and TrustFunders literally "take over" the whole borough with their money-money-money lifestyles. If Rockaway wants to become like Park Slope, Williamsburg, et al, then that's very sad for Rockaway. It certainly won't be a place I'll be comfortable with any longer. I like having Rockaway the way it is - one of the few places where real New Yawka's live. You don't hear the accent here in Brooklyn anymore, see the humor, the warmth, the acceptance that real New Yorkers have. Only the plastic, cold silliness of these rich kids who have already priced any middle class person out of Manhattan and will soon price them out of all of Brooklyn. Is that what all of you in Rockaway want?? Really??? That's too, too bad if that's what you want. Visit Williamburg and Park Slope some day and see the "neauveus (sp) rich world" they've created. And about them caring? Sure they care - their parents pay their bills so they don't have to work, so they can spend their whole day volunteering. Wish I could volunteer for Rockaway agencies all day as well, but I have to work, so I volunteer on the weekends. I'd like to live in Rockaway, but feel that by the time my Lease here in Brooklyn is up (next March) I'll be priced out of Rockaway as well. Also, I'm nice, I care (about the environment and especially about Rockaway as it is now)and I don't drive either, and I don't make demands such as "Where's the artisan coffee shop?". Good ole Dunkin Donuts is good enough for my taste. I also grew up here (in Brooklyn) when New York was about New Yorkers, not about the latest trends. Hope that Rockaway can save itself before it becomes history as well and just another plastic Billyburg. Be careful, Rockaway, don't get lost in the shuffle of rich kids, like all trends they won't last. As soon as the trust fund is gone, then what?

No one is against businesses

No one is against businesses or new neighbors, it about protecting against gentrification and or displacement. We share but no take overs! If you want to live in Williamburg, move there.

They are bringing money to

They are bringing money to the area. They are willing to pay the rents and they don't drive cars. They are big on educations and volunteering. They can live by me anytime they want. I love to talk to them at the fish taco stand because they really care.

I couldn't agree more with

I couldn't agree more with your editorial. The Rockaways needs flow that comes in and out.

A LONG LONG time ago in a

A LONG LONG time ago in a galaxy far away, their were people that used to live in Rockaway. They were BORN there. Some of us NATIVE DFD'ers like to "HAUNT" Rockaway on summer weekends. We have not lived there for many many years but, even "E.T." got to phone home at least once.

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