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Build It Back Nightmare

Dear Editor: (To whoever might be able to stop the insanity?)

Today April 21, I, my wife and daughter went to our second Options meeting. I was called on 4/9/14 by Elly from Build It Back and asked to schedule an options meeting, I scheduled the meeting for the following day and was assured all my paperwork was in order.


When I arrived in the waiting room; my phone rang it was Anjinette Hudson my case worker. "Mr. Phillips, there has been a mistake, your paperwork is incomplete." I informed her I was in the waiting room. She came and got us sat us down and explained to us that there was no inspection report, no F-13, both necessary. Thankfully I had a voice mail from Assemblyman Goldfeder's office stating "that I had been misinformed by a BIB representative about my paper work being incomplete and good luck at your OPTIONS meeting." I played the voicemail for Ms. Hudson.

In the building were people from the mayor’s office. Ms. Hudson went to get one of them for me to talk to. Out came Emily Ashton (head of case management) she wanted to know WHAT I WANTED, my answer: ANSWERS.

She could not find the paperwork either so I played her the voicemail, and immediately she began to email the inspection contractor. In the meantime I called Jon Greenville from Goldfeder’s office to let him know what was going on. Ms. Ashton left came back, and my paperwork appeared. I was assured that she would straighten everything out. I was given paper work to submit along with receipts and scheduled an options meeting for Monday, April 21.

Last week I submitted my receipts and paperwork. Today I left work early to go to my Options meeting. Ms. Hudson found that my paperwork was not reviewed and so once again no Options meeting. After waiting for an hour I was given a list of my expenses that were in need of more supporting documentation. So now I have to resubmit more paperwork, have it reviewed, and then go through the process again.

Ms. Hudson has gone above and beyond for me, taking time from her family to speak and email me, after work hours from her own computer and phone. She is the one that supposedly misinformed me; she has been a professional and has always been honest. If you ask her my BIB number she knows it by heart she has been GREAT.

The Head of Case Management Ashely Easton of all people should have known that this problem would not be resolved so easily. As I have asked before, where is the accountability? I DO NOT HAVE A HOME. I and my wife with a 4-year old in tow have moved five times in the last year and a half. All along paying a mortgage and taxes.

Can someone help stop this from happening?


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Anji is also our

Anji is also our caseworker... and has been so helpful. I feel like BIB is using her as a scapegoat. She uses her own personal cell phone to speak to her clients, and was told that she couldnt do that anymore. that she could only use google voice thru her BIB laptop... which has a crappy internet connection. I also went with my husband to our options meeting. All of the #'s on our COB ( coordination of Benefits worksheet were wrong. It said we spent 30,000 on repairs. to date we have spent over $130,000. they had an amount we received from flood insurance. BUT that also included what we received for contents , should have only been structure. Was also told I didnt have an F-13. The F-13 is just all of your bills and expenses , grouped differently... but is the same papers we handed in at the end of JULY 2013. The reason why everyone is missing the F-13 is because they didnt have it when we all registered and filled out our papers LAST SUMMER. The F-13 was added at the end of OCT. 2013.... another stall for BIB.. Anji had to re-scan all of our bills and expenses into our online file.... she made me 3 copies. and I had to mail about 50 pages to the Mayors office on Housing recovery, so the #'s could be reviewed AGAIN and hopefully corrected. I received a letter from them last week saying that they got my package and would hear from them in 30 days..... I spoke to Anji , again , to let her know... she said she would keep on top of it for us.. Stacey and Scott Nagel

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