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Jen’s Fitness Forum

By Jen Font de Bon

When it comes to health and wellbeing listening to the body and learning from situations, whether they directly involve you or not, is vital. We all know that too much of anything does more harm than good, yet many of us have a hard time practicing full moderation.

It can be difficult because our society is filled with publicity and advertisements that bombard the senses, making us feel like we need things that in fact are not necessities at all. Imaginary storylines are painted of lifestyles based around having and using a product. The goal is to make people feel like what’s being presented is essential for them to achieve happiness. It’s a cycle that may provoke temporary joy only before leaving a larger feeling of emptiness in the consumer. The customer seeks to fill his growing void by doing exactly what is wanted of him– buying more, consuming more.

We must consciously work to see behind the screen and make our own decisions. One can easily proclaim that he will not be influenced; yet marketing is a powerful tool that seeps in on many unconscious levels. A great amount of focus is needed by the individual to separate the truth from the bluff.

Stay in charge of your life by striving to do better and work toward dreams and goals in a healthy manner. Maintaining equilibrium is necessary. If you want good posture you need a strong core. One thing affects the next.

Balance your life by dedicating time to creativity, work, health, relationships, pleasure, a social life, the home, cooking, education, finances, physical activity and spirituality. If you note excess in one area or lacking in another, make adjustments. Put in extra effort, manage your time and rid yourself of addictions and obsessions.

Addictions don’t provide happiness and they won’t make you healthy. Rather, they temporarily fill voids, insecurities and fears. They provide false hope, which prevents one from growing and moving forward to reach his full potential.

Sometimes people ignore the truth and use excuses. They tell themselves that they deserve something, that their addiction is healthy, or that they’re “living in the moment.”

Justifying actions in this way can make one feel better about what he’s doing even if he knows it’s wrong. Yet none of these explanations are valid.

First, balancing all areas of life and finding ways to get joy from each part helps us do a better job overall, and fulfills us so that at the end of the day we feel satisfied. Next, there is no such thing as a healthy addiction. Think about it, even drinking too much water will kill you.

Finally, “living in the moment” doesn’t refer to doing whatever you want because tomorrow is uncertain. It actually has to do with living the instant you’re in while you’re in it, being present and involved.

Evaluate your lifestyle, be honest with yourself, practice moderation and find balance. You will feel better, and happiness, harmony and health will follow.

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