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By Jen Font de Bon

The home is a place of refuge. It’s the first thing we encounter when we wake up in the morning. It’s where we go in the evening to unwind, recharge, and be with the people we love. The home should be a place of happiness, comfort and security.

How one’s home is set up can greatly affect one’s feelings. If you’re consistently low on energy, depressed or angry, for example, you may want to consider rearranging and revamping your surroundings. The following are a few tips on how to refresh your space and yourself!

CLEAN UP FOR INNER CLARITY. Cleaning and organizing your environment helps bring order and understanding to personal thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. How we feel inside is a reflection of our outside environment. Stay sane
and confident by keeping a clutter-free home.
and exchange furniture pieces to avoid getting stuck in a rut. Use change to inspire and gain new perspectives.
LOOK TO FENG SHUI. This ancient Chinese philosophical method deals with
creating harmony, balance and positive energy in one’s environment through
placement, colors, shapes and materials. Use the rules of this millenary system
to guide the setup of your home and how you live in it.
light flood in during the day. At night, close curtains to keep good energy from
escaping and protect privacy. Also, set moods with lighting. Take into account
the space you’re working with when deciding whether to use soft (yellow) or
hard (direct or florescent) illumination. Typically, hard lighting is better for offices, hallways and porches, for example, while soft lighting favors bedrooms,
living rooms and other rest areas in the home.

CHOOSE FURNITURE THAT YOU LOVE. Make sure each piece serves a
purpose, be it practical or decorative. Determine this by asking yourself if each
individual piece enhances the environment detracts from it or doesn’t do either.
If it does neither, think about whether the piece serves a practical purpose. Remember, just because something doesn’t fit where you imagined it doesn’t mean
it can’t go somewhere else.
FRESH AIRFLOW REVITALIZES THE HOME. Change filters regularly and
open windows every day to avoid stale air from settling.
DIFFERENTIATE SPACES. Each space should have charm and invite. Make
sure there is balance between the furniture, empty space and color in each ambiance. NATURE CALMS ANXIETY. Keep living plants in your house, decorate with
natural elements, like wood and stone, and open the shades to let sunlight in.
If you go for faux plants, choose silk, not plastic.
MIRRORS REFLECT ENERGY. Increase the liveliness of a space with a mirror, but be conscious of what it’s pointed at. A mirror should always face something you want reflected in the room. Also, be careful with bedroom mirrors as
they can stir up energy and make falling asleep difficult. Keep them inside a
closet door or cover them at night.
HOUSE AND SHOULD BE A RESTFUL HAVEN. Avoid placing the bed in a
direct line with the door, don’t store things underneath it, and make sure it can
be easily accessed from both sides. Choose soothing colors for walls and décor,
a good mattress, and high quality sheets made of natural fibers. Don’t keeping
pictures of friends and family members in the bedroom. It is an intimate place
and should be reserved exclusively for you and your partner.

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