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Jen’s Fitness Forum

By Jennifer Font de Bon

I believe that optimum health and happiness are rooted in maintaining a well-rounded balanced lifestyle. Living consciously, finding moderation, staying active, and keeping a diet rich in whole nutritious foods help us feel our best; and if we as individuals are good, everything around us will be better because of it.

Antibiotics are chemical substances that kill or prevent the growth of bacteria in the body. Traditionally, antibiotics were obtained from natural compounds; however, today most are synthetically developed in a laboratory– and in no way are they natural. Prescribed antibiotics have many benefits, yet after years of overusing and abusing, we’ve grown resistant. Consequently, antibiotics are stronger and come with a greater risk of experiencing negative side effects.

So what’s the solution? Build your defenses and strengthen your immune system by including the following natural antibiotics in your diet!

GARLIC is the best and most potent natural antibiotic. It includes more than 60 antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral components, curing and preventing against all types of infections. Garlic can also be used topically. Apply directly to a wound and ward off infection. To reap maximum healing benefits, crush raw garlic and let it sit for ten minutes before consuming or applying.

ONION comes in at number two as the most effective natural antibiotic after garlic. Its combination of properties is excellent for curing a wide range of infections, especially those of the respiratory track. Onion also combats all types of intestinal parasites and can be used externally as a disinfectant.

GINGER is another powerful antibiotic, used mainly to fight colds, flus, upper respiratory infections and gastrointestinal problems. Ginger is special because it kills harmful bacteria, while promoting the growth of “good” intestinal bacteria necessary for maintaining proper digestive health.

HONEY is much more than sweet and delicious– it has incredible antiseptic, expectorant, invigorating and healing properties. The many different varieties of honey depend on the type of flower that was used during pollination. Honey that comes from eucalyptus, thyme or lavender is the most effective for treating bronchial infections and coughs. It is also a good antibiotic ointment for wounds, sores and skin infections. Furthermore, athletes consume it for its energizing and restorative effects.

STRAWBERRIES have very important antiviral functions as they naturally strengthen the immune system and fight infections. This fruit also helps reduce swelling, which makes it an especially good compliment for treating rheumatic diseases.

LINDEN is a great natural sedative and antibiotic. It’s used to treat colds, coughs, fevers, infections, inflammation, and headaches, among other things. When your defenses are down, linden tea will relax you and protect your immune system.

ROSEMARY has more than 20 antiviral properties. Drink rosemary tea three times a week to prevent bad germs from spreading and turning into infections or diseases.

PINEAPPLE is very good for treating sinusitis. It’s a fruit rich in the proteolytic enzyme bromelain, which helps dissolve mucus and clear the sinuses. Also, drink pineapple juice to soothe a sore throat! Questions, comments? E-mail: jennifer. fontdebon@gmail.com

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