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Different Take Than Intern

Dear Editor:

In reply to An Intern’s Take, the basis of Mr. Shivers piece are his feelings and while I can respect Mr. Shivers feelings and emphasize with him, the Zimmerman verdict presents us with an opportunity to move forward and stop all the blame and histrionics. Every American, wherever they live, wants to be safe in their homes and in their neighborhoods. Today in America there is a fear of crime.

While the Zimmerman verdict has made people emotional, we have heard from those who currently blame the system, the politicians, and anyone who they feel has wronged them. In some instances we have seen misdirected anger aimed at innocent merchants in Oakland California where local residents resorted to mob mentality, riots, and vandalism.

Mr. Shivers, in his attempt to resolve this matter, calls for more government programs to educate our youth. Mr. Shivers is surely misleading himself and the readers. Please check out this website: http://www.state.gov/youthandeducatio n/. There are more than 100 Federal Government programs that our hard earned tax dollars go to, to provide education, breakfast, lunch, dinner, free cell-phones, metro cards, transportation, health care benefits, and more to the youth of our country. Mr. Shivers, throwing millions of dollars into programs does not make it better for anyone, it does just the opposite; it corrupts those who dole out the money and creates fraud by those who receive the funds.

More importantly, it is not the responsibility of the government or every taxpayer to raise our children; it is the responsibility of their Mothers and Fathers. Yet, according to the Website Root http://www.theroot.com/buzz/72- percent-african-american-childrenborn unwed-mothers 72% of African- American children born, are born to unwed mothers. What does this say about the future of our country and all these children when there is a fundamental lack of a family unit in which to raise children. This is a situation that requires immediate attention.

Mr. Shivers does not discuss African- Americans killing other African-Americans either, and he is not alone. African- American members of congress and

African-American political appointees historically fail to address this issue; instead they too continue the status quo. The bigger picture suggests that it is okay for African-Americans to kill other African-Americans and that African-Americans will just look the other way. The lack of a solution by the African-American community perpetuates this horrific behavior and surely ensures its continuance for future generations.

The Prosecution charged George Zimmerman with MURDER, why? Because a charge of murder brings fame, fortune, and notoriety to the Prosecution, and it will fuel racial tensions. There is no doubt that the Prosecution could have presented a better case if they tried for manslaughter instead of murder. In the state of Florida a guilty verdict for the conviction of the manslaughter of a minor comes with a 30 year prison sentence. http://www.dc.state.fl.us/pub/timeserv/ annual/section2.html#murder

Therefore, instead of George Zimmerman being free he might be serving up to 30 years in jail for the manslaughter of a minor. Casey Anthony was also acquitted of murdering her two year old daughter Caylee in 2011 and both cases convened in the State of Florida and both prosecuted for murder.

Here in New York, a local news station reported that George Zimmerman was a WHITE-LATINO. If that's the case, then we should call President Obama a WHITE-AFRICAN AMERICAN.

The point is that the media made an effort to stir racial tensions. NBC did the same when they edited and aired a version of the George Zimmerman 911 tape also to inflame racial tensions. As a result of NBC’s misrepresentation of that 911 call, the Zimmermans are suing NBC. I am certain any money the Zimmerman family gleans from their law suit will go directly to the Martin family, just as it did in the OJ Simpson matter. The fear of crime in our neighborhoods and in our country is a huge issue.

In closing, I empathize with Mr. Shivers' feelings and I would not be able to come to terms with the loss of my child. My prayers go out to the Martin family, may they gain solace. In closing, I am glad that Mr. Shivers has spoken on this matter. Thank you.


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