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Jen’s Fitness Forum

By Jen Font de Bon

I’m Jen Font de Bon, physical trainer, spinning instructor and nutrition nut from Suncycle Studios. My goal is to help people reach theirs. I promote physical, mental and emotional health, aiding others in finding and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

Exercise comes with many rewards. The benefits it has on the body, mind and soul kick in almost instantly, and increase over time.

DURING EXERCISE: MOTIVATION INCREASES. You may be lazy about starting your workout, but moments after you begin your body is invaded by feelgood endorphins. Develop an exercise schedule and stick to it– this will keep you from playing the “should I, shouldn’t I” game.

STRONGER LUNGS. Cardiovascular exercise forces your lungs to work harder. Breathing faster and deeper sends more oxygen through the body.

FAT-BURN. When you exercise your body burns carbohydrates first, and then switches to fat about 15 minutes into your workout.

POST-WORKOUT: YOU’RE STILL BURNING CALORIES. Keep that metabolism firing for hours after your workout has ended by incorporating interval and weight training into your routine.

EUPHORIA. The endorphins have multiplied. By the time your workout is over you’re feeling calm and clearheaded.

BOOSTED IMMUNE SYSTEM. Each sweat-session leaves your immune system pumped up for 24 hours. Exercise multiple times per week to stay healthy year-round.

MENTAL FOCUS. Just 20 minutes of moderate exercise immediately increases attention, focus, creativity, and ability to process information.

GLOWING SKIN. Increasing your heart rate sends more blood to the surface of your skin, making it more vibrant.

HEALTHIER HEART. Exercise lowers blood pressure for hours following your workout.

LOWER DIABETES RISK. Working out lowers blood sugar levels, therefore reducing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

LEANER YOU. Use diet and exercise to cut 500 calories each day, and drop a pound in a week.

BETTER SLEEP. Exercise lowers stress allowing for better sleeping habits. Eight hours of shuteye each night promotes weight loss and helps us function to our full potential during the day.

LONG-TERM: STRENGTH. You can go longer and harder without feeling tired. Challenge yourself by varying workouts, gradually increasing the amount of weight you use, and doing more reps.

YOU’RE SHEDDING ABDOMINAL FAT. After a month of regular exercise, your body is losing fat and gaining muscle. Take notice in the way your clothes fit and your boost in energy.

BRAINPOWER. Regular exercise makes and connects new brain cells. More complicated forms of exercise force you to think about coordination and work the mind even more.

LOWER HEART RATE. Regular workouts make your heart work more efficiently, decreasing the amount of beats per minute.

LOWER RISK OF CANCER. People who live active lifestyles can cut their risk of developing many cancers by 30- 50%.

LONGER LIFE. Regular exercise has been shown to slow the aging process. Training should involve endurance, strength, and flexibility, as all are important to keeping a strong, healthy body through all stages of life.

Questions, comments? E-mail: admin@suncyclestudios.com - Call: 718-318- 3410. Or stop by Suncycle Studios (137 Beach 116th Street).

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