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Obama Declares 2014 Tax Holiday
Commentary By Peter Stubben

President Obama announced Friday afternoon that no U.S. citizen will pay personal income taxes for tax-year 2014. In a hastily-called press conference just as the President and First Lady were to embark on a good-will tour of the South Pacific's Mariana Islands for 10 days, the President announced, “The burden is too great and the problems at the IRS are too large for full and complete tax assessments on all Americans for next year, so I am calling on the IRS to suspend all personal income tax assessments for 2014. We need to re-understand IRS and make the agency more fair and transparent, and so I am ordering a top-down review of every department within the agency...to be hammered out in regional five-day meetings throughout the agency and across the country. Therefore, no American will pay U.S. income taxes next year.”

This astonishing announcement follows a very tough six months for our President.

Six months ago our U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, a former Peace Corps volunteer and Arabic-fluent Ambassador, was murdered by Islamic terrorists. The greatly-distraught President said, “my good friend Chris was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.” Matt Chappelle from CBA News asked, “Mr. President, Ambassador Stevens was in the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi at the time of his murder, and isn't an attack on U.S. consulates and on U.S. Ambassadors considered an attack on the United States itself?”

Mr. Chappelle had to be reminded by the President on how necessary it was to keep an open mind on present U.S. Foreign Policy, especially in the Mid- East. And later, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee learned from the Secretary of State how unimportant the truth behind the murder was...much more important - she advised the committee

- to keep an open mind, especially in the Mid-East.

Then, five months ago two immigrant brothers blew up the Boston Marathon: a celebratory race held every Patriot's Day in Massachusetts since 1897. Three people died from the blasts including an 8-year-old boy, and 144 were wounded, 25 people critically. The FBI, working with one of the wounded (who lost both his legs), quickly and brilliantly identified the two brothers from Chechnya. When it was later learned that the Russians had warned the United States about these potential rebels, the FBI responded that it's so important to keep an open mind on their anti-terrorism work and that they have a 50,000 person database of would-be thugs and terrorists...an impossible task to keep track of all of them, all the time.

Four months ago, Federal Agency turmoil disrupted the DC bureaucracy and the Office of the President when it was discovered (1) that the GSA and the IRS were both caught staging ridiculous and enormously wasteful conventions in beautiful cities across the United States; and (2) large bonuses were paid to government workers for meeting certain minimum standards. Press Secretary Carney said, “Like the French Foreign Legion and U.S. Marine Corps before them, it is so important to maintain and improve agency esprit-de-corps, and these momentary diversions and monetary inducements were planned and approved to do just that - build agency morale.” William Bluntington from The Blunt Post asked, “Jay, these agencies are on the frontline of saving the government money and collecting money from U.S. taxpayers - how can you defend them wasting so much money?” Mr. Bluntington had to be reminded by the Press Secretary how important it was to keep an open mind about the smooth functioning of the federal bureaucracy.

And then three months ago, the nation's chief law-enforcement officer was caught seemingly breaking the law himself for snooping on the Press and had gone so far as to surreptitiously and without notice track a TV reporter...and even the reporter's Staten Island mother! The nation's AG Eric Holder warned the Judge issuing the wiretap that the TV reporter was a “flight risk.” When Vincent Pepaw for CBN News asked, “Mr. President, no reporter in the history of the nation has ever been deemed by the Attorney General or by the Department of Justice a 'flight risk...what do you have to say about this?” The President reported that it was all new to him, and he only knew what he read in the press. Further, the President reminded Mr. Pepaw that the nation needs to keep an open mind on the discreet activities of our chief law-enforcement agents across these wonderful United States of America, as we are always under threat: from domestic as well as international saboteurs.

Two months ago, a top IRS official announced - astonishingly - that the IRS was targeting political groups and denying them tax-exempt statue. All agencies of the U.S. government - dating back to President Chester A. Arthur and his 1883 Civil Service Reform Act - are required to do the will of the President and the will of the U.S. Congress, and are FORBIDDEN to enter politics or favor any one political party over another. When called before Congress, this top-level IRS official used the same proviso in the Constitution often skillfully used by the mafia...she refused to answer any of the Congress's questions under the incrimination clause of the Fifth Amendment. When questioned, the President announced that this verytroubling IRS news was all new to him, and he only knew what he heard on the 6 o'clock news. Further, he said no American, whether ordinary citizen or federal employee, can be or should be denied their Fifth Amendment rights.

Worse turned to worst on a quiet Sunday morning last month when news broke from Hong Kong that the U.S. Government is snooping on all 314 million Americans. A fumbling functionary from the defense department's data-gathering group revealed (a) PRISM - to monitor all U.S. Internet and e-mail correspondence - and (b) DOD's collusion with Verizon Tele-Communications - to intercept all U.S. telephony communications. This functionary further reported that a $1.2 Billion data-storage facility purportedly five times the size of the U.S. Capitol Building is being built in Utah to manage the data. A thumb-sized Scandisk storage device, for instance, holds the equivalent of the Encyclopedia Britannica. Mac Shudder from SBC News asked, "Mr. President, during war and even peace, we expect surveillance of our enemies, but not our own citizens.” The President reminded all at the press conference, “We must keep an open mind about all those who want to hurt us, and let me tell the American people clearly and plainly here...nobody, folks, is listening to your telephone calls!”

These last 180 days of stumbles, fumbles and interceptions culminated in early July with President Obama suspending - out of the blue - the onerous 'employer mandate' from the Health-Care Affordability Act until after the 2014 mid-term elections. And so last Friday - as I report above - the President has now taken the additional step to suspend for one year the onerous “American mandate to the IRS” to pay personal income taxes until 2015, also a year after the 2014 mid-term elections.

I guess we all have to keep an open mind, no?...on the First Amendment; on the Fourth Amendment; on the Fifth amendment; on the Sixteenth Amendment; on the President's indiscriminate enforcement and suspension of the Law; and on Civil Service Reform?

(READER ALERT: the suspension of U.S. Personal Income Taxes by President Obama - as mentioned above - is WHOLLY FICTIONAL... devious fiction made up by me alone).

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