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Golf Tips

By Joe Garyn

This week we will work on the foundation for a sound, repeatable swing.

The setup is very important to a sound golf swing. The setup is like the foundation of a house that we build upon. If the foundation is weak, the house will crumble and you will have many problems.

The same goes for the golf swing. If the setup is flawed, the swing will also be plagued with problems. But we can avoid all that by following these steps:

Spread your feet shoulder width apart;

Measure from the insides of your feet;

Slightly knock your knees together as if you are holding a volley ball between your legs;

Stand straight up and grip the club;

Tilt forward, keeping your spine straight;

Bend your knees slightly, and

Let your arms hang straight down from your shoulders creating a triangle with your arms, hands and shoulders.

Do not reach out towards the ball.

Ball Position is the relationship between the golf ball and your feet when addressing the ball. There are different theories concerning where the ball should be placed in relation to your feet. We will follow a simple guide for proper ball position.

Starting with the Driver, the ball should be on a line directly off the heel of your left foot. For fairway wood shots, the ball is moved 2 inches toward the center of your body. For all iron shots the ball should be an additional 1 or 2 inches toward the center of your body. Make sure that for a normal shot, you never play the ball to the right side of the center of your body.

The distance you stand from the ball is automatically determined by your posture and the length of the club. The longer the club, the farther you will stand from the ball. When bending over to the ball, your arms should be comfortably extended. The grip end of the golf club should be approximately 4 to 6 inches away from your legs.

What I am trying to get across in each of these articles is to get your body to move. The trick is to make each step we discuss MUSCLE MEMORY before moving on to the next step.

Only with a commitment of time and attention firmly in your mind can you expect to achieve the pleasure of effortless golf.

There are only 5 keys to an effortless swing. They are: 1-Balance; 2-Momentum; 3-Steady swing center; 4-Relaxed arms, and 5-Rhythm.

One last thought for this week and this is very important to remember: Swing through the ball. Not at it!

The best tip I received and still use today is this:

Have your right hand thumb nail finish by your left ear. This one tip will help you accomplish a full finish -facing the target and good balance.

Have a great week.

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