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Commentary By Dr. Nancy Gahles, DC, CCH

DR. NANCY GAHLES DR. NANCY GAHLES Home is where the heart is. We can travel far and wide and experience the diversity of culture, geography, flora and fauna of other environs and think to ourselves that this is paradise and here is where I will be truly happy.

This is the stuff of vacations. Vacations afford us the opportunity to take a break from our usual routine and to experience something new.

The unique aspect of vacation is that the experience is isolated to just that. The experience. No outside pressures of work, children, responsibilities.

There is a freedom inherent in the spaciousness created when we experience one thing at a time. We are able to savor all the elements and to rightly integrate those sensory and extra-sensory perceptions into memories that are stored in the heart. Heart sense, heart awareness, heart consciousness is the repository of the emotional intelligence that sustains you. It is the place from where you draw upon the virtues of strength, clarity, wisdom, courage, integrity, and love. That is home. The place where all these virtues reside. Home is where the heart is.

Inner knowing can be analogous to a vacation. When all outer trappings are taken away, we can experience isolated incidents with the freedom that comes from creating space to rightly feel that incident. That is paradise. The vacation from the hustle bustle of extraneous thoughts and things that are excessive. The space to allow us to remember that home is where the heart is and that we take home with us wherever we are.

Creating spaciousness is at the essence of healing. By creating spaciousness, focused illuminated space, around a being it will come back naturally into its own right rhythm. It will remember itself in connection to all other selves and in connection with the Only Being. Then you will be home. At peace. At last.

I know this concept all too well. It is my daily sustenance. My morning ritual of checking in consists of locating my consciousness on my inner compass and checking where I am on the planet. Am I heading in the right direction? I start out from home. The Source. I create space through breathing and feel the beat of my heart. I create space for illumination.

Imagine a bare light bulb. The rays are widely scattered. Then imagine that you put a lamp shade over the bulb. The rays are focused. Focused illuminated space. This is the essence of healing. This is your spiritual vacation. Paradise. The place where you can create your perfect life by coming into your own right rhythm. That is your home. When you know where home is, you can never get lost.

The destruction wreaked upon our beloved vacation paradise home of Rockaway and other areas has taken away our outer homes.

Our external environment has been forever altered. As I watched the massive gutting of basements and saw the enormous piles of "stuff" on the streets, it gave me pause to observe the contents. Many people said that they had never used or looked at those contents for years.

Granted, there were stored objects of family memorabilia that were lost. Thankfully, memories of that nature are stored in your heart and can never be lost.

Those memories are now entrusted to the "keepers of the story.” The spaciousness created by that loss can be filled by renewing the age old tradition of passing down family lore through the elders.

Gathering the family around, telling the stories, passing along tradition strengthens the home.

Apparent or so called "disasters" always carry within them the seeds of renewal. As we continue to live amidst the destruction of Sandy in our home community, we can also begin to view the space that it has created as an opportunity.

We can live in the spaciousness. Sit with it. Allow ourselves to come back into right rhythm with our essence, our essential self. Then into right rhythm with all that surrounds us. This is the road home. It can be a long road home. Follow your inner road signs and you will get there. Slowly but surely, the light will focus on your path.

You cannot get lost when you follow your own inner Global Positioning System(GPS).

May The Blessings Be!

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