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Joel Garyn’s Weekly Golf Tips

Men take a week off and practice some of the previous articles, this week is for Ladies.

Ladies – No power: This is a problem that I know confounds many woman golfers. Although you are regularly complimented on the fact that you have a ‘nice’ looking swing, you don’t seem to be able to hit the ball very far.

In fact no matter how hard you try to create power, there is little noticeable difference in the distance that you hit any of your longer clubs i.e., 3-iron, 4- iron and fairway woods all tend to go the same distance.

Your swing may well be elegant to look at, but when, for example, you struggle to reach par 4’s in two or three shots, and have no chance of getting on a par 3 in one shot that is of little compensation.

Sure there’s a strength factor to take into account.

But I find that many ladies lose power because they fail to use the proper wrist action during the swing – almost ‘stiff-arming’ their shots. That equates to loss of mega-distance with the long clubs.

My thoughts are: creating speed and distance, to improve your wrist action and help you to create more club head speed and power, first change to a pure two-handed grip!

Simply place your right hand below the left hand on the grip and position the club in the fingers of both hands. This will give you a more powerful feeling by placing more emphasis on your stronger right hand.

Now work on this drill to improve your wrist action: 1) take a short iron and stick a tee in the end of the grip hole; 2) making half swings, swing the club freely back and forth, cocking and un-cocking your wrist so that the tee points directly down at the ground, both in the back swing and again in the follow-through.

In other words, cock your wrists as you swing the club back, un-cock them as you swing the club down and through impact, then re-cock them up on the follow-through!

Working on this action in conjunction with the correct body motion will help you to appreciate just how powerful the hinging of the wrist can be; 3) move on to hitting some shots off a tee with your mini-swing.

Take a 7-iron and see how far the ball flies with little effort. 4) finally, pick up your driver, turn it upside down and hold the head.

Make some swings, focus on the wrists and really try to swish the gripend of the club through impact as loudly as you can. I can guarantee that when you go back to hitting normal shots with this correct wrist action you’ll shock yourself with all the extra power you have to play with.

Ladies – I can’t encourage you enough to practice the above notes. I have shown you an area that will help you tremendously if done correctly. Have a wonderful week and please practice to make it permanent. Your Golf Pro, Joel.

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