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Class Warfare

Dear Editor,

I cried because I had no shoes, until I saw a man who had no feet. Right! The poor starving underclass in the United States is obese. They walk in $100 footwear while talking on cell phones and go home with their take out meals to flat screen TVs in their air conditioned publicly subsidized apartments. Income inequality is the single phoniest issue in this country today. Why do you care what someone else has if you have clothes to wear, a roof over your head and food on your table? This desire for equality of results is envy, pure and simple. Why should I hate a man who drives a Rolls while I’m stuck in my Hyundai? “Income inequality” is a ploy to generate jealousy and envy among ignorant people who feel entitled to the fruit of other people’s labor. For young Mr. Solomon (not to be confused with the Solomon of renowned wisdom) to compare the obese “poor” of the present day United States to the starving peasants of Tsarist Russia or Mexican peons is worse than dishonest. It is a typical argument made by a sophist, or perhaps a sophomore.

Disclaimer- I am not wealthy nor even close.


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i just have to observe in

i just have to observe in this space how I'm always made fun of for being young, as if that made me stupid. In fact, it's fair to argue I have more historical and philosophical knowledge than most. I try to bring an intellectual approach to liberalism in my columns, and honestly I think some people can't deal with the fact that I easily deconstruct their arguments, so they turn to tropes like "class warfare" and "Marxism" and "stupid young people." Really, it's quite pathetic. For the record, I am not a sophomore, I'm a senior going to college in Cambridge next year. Next week's column will deal with some of the statements made in this letter.

I also wouldn't quite go with

I also wouldn't quite go with the characterization that you take an intellectual approach, at least I wouldn't without the prefix "pseudo" tacked at the front of it. As for the "sophomore" remark, you might be right; perhaps it would have been more accurate if he said "sophomoric" instead? In terms of deconstructing and countering "pathetic" criticisms of your regurgitated DNC talking points, you might spend time on your own close minded attitude. Like many liberals, you spend time with your nose in a book, ready to pontificate about the lot of the working class, without ever having truly worked hard a blessed day in your life. You might also want to check out your facts, last time you deconstructed one of my criticisms of your unbalanced scribblings, you flatly lied.Your rather funny Jefferson quote about the "highest form of patriotism"--due to it's misattribution-- actually coming from a 1961 publication, The Use of Force in International Affairs: "If what your country is doing seems to you practically and morally wrong, is dissent the highest form of patriotism? Even if it was Jefferson's quote, that "dissent" you're so enamored with, is actually aimed at the government--not Wall Street--so, I guess a welcome to the tea party is in order. Keep working on that self proclaimed "intellectual" approach to liberalism. I'm impressed. Let me see if I can guess your DNC talking points inspired routing of the liberals in WI for next week.

• Walker outspent his opponent (7-1) Not true, but hey, since when does truth matter.

• They stole the election. The DNC isn't pushing this one too much, but there is a moonbat or two out there who does.

• This has no reflection on the upcoming national election. How could it? Every incumbent president with a looming election loves to see his policies roundly repudiated in a recall election that--at best--could be characterized as a unforced political error.

• It wasn't that big of a win. Though dems who've won by such margins call them landslides.

Don't forget to ignore that Walker balanced his budget, likely--in the long term--preserving state jobs and has managed within WI to buck the national unemployment numbers by dropping the state unemployment rate by more than one percent since taking office only two years ago. If only Obama had those kind of numbers, he'd sail into a second term.

Lets see if I can do the last bit you came up in your last deconstructive missive with without the arrogance you managed. Check & mate...nope couldn't do it, no matter how I try to write that, it just comes out arrogant.

A spot on take on young Mr.

A spot on take on young Mr. Solomon, the Wave's Marxist in residence.

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