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Something Against Nothing

Dear Editor,

Daniel Solomon writes how the Republicans want to kill the old, starve the kids, rape the earth and reap the profits. And, it is all done by the mean old republicans. Why is it always the Republicans that come up with the budgets?

The Democrats had power for six of the last seven and a half years and had a majority for the last two of those last six. Why was a budget not passed then?

The two years of the majority the Dems could have passed almost anything they wanted. They sat back on their butts and said to themselves, hey, America is not doing too good right now, let’s not look at a budget because we may have to face some cold hard facts.

We spend too much, we give away too much, and if we cut anything our voting base may see us as the gollums we really are.

Let’s punt and see what the Republicans do and make them the evil guys. Our president (yes he is mine too, not by choice) came up with a budget and he couldn’t even get his own party to vote for it.

So some Americans (the Tea Party) started to stand up and say this is not right. Let’s get together in peaceful protest and tell Washington to shape up or ship out. They did not OCCUPY, urinate, defecate, take over, riot or cause mayhem. They stood with their signs and asked people what was right and what was wrong. They asked for voter ID and a budget that made sense. The media and our president portrayed some of them as whackos with guns and bibles.

Well we voted and a few got in. Now a year and a half later (not six years) one of the party of common sense (which is not so common anymore) comes up with a budget that any family in debt would have to come up with to live by. What happens, the Dems read it (why not, it is not a health bill) and they start kicking and screaming. You are killing America, how can the 49% of America that does not pay taxes live if this bill is passed.

Oh you mean Republicans we will show you. We will yell, scream, and protest, for six more years and not get anything done just to show you we mean business.

Really, Daniel. Really, this is the party that you want to back. You even had to take a shot at Bob Turner in your letter. You seem very good at taking shots from behind a very thick and high wall. Republicans take the facts to the streets and we are not afraid to say what we mean.

Why don’t you try to get the Dems to come up with an honest answer. Why don’t you sit down with the Rockaway Dems and really look at our President’s and Mr. Ryan’s budget. Which one makes sense. Is it going to hurt? HECK YES.

Are we going to kick some people off the welfare rolls and, god forbid, ask the able bodied to work, HECK YES. Are there going to be reduced hours at city services? HECK YES. These are the things that are necessary to balance that household budget. Rice and Beans instead of steak and eggs until we get back on track.

Try to be really honest with yourself, Mr. Solomon. No, really honest. Think with your head instead of your heart. We have gone past the caring for the poor part. Now it is just what can I get for free. Be honest, look clearly. Tell me you cannot see the rabbit hole we are throwing ourselves down.

We are putting something on the table. You are putting nothing.


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Honesty is not a word in

Honesty is not a word in young Solomon's vocabulary. Biased, communistic, pettifogging and obfuscation are. I think he's hoping one day to be his generation's Anthony Weiner.

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