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Solomon Knows No Bounds

Dear Editor,

In the past, Daniel Solomon has said some very complimentary things about me, so I have refrained from criticizing his wrong-headed opinions. However, his recent comments have crossed the line and I am moved to respond.

Firstly, and I can’t believe that I have to say this, Bob Turner won his congressional seat because more voters in this district believed that he was the right man for the job. Pandering? Give me a break! There are millions of Americans who believe that Israel has a right to exist and enjoy the sovereign right to defend herself. There also exists in our country the belief that the United States should stand by the only democracy in the Middle East in order to insure the survival of the Jewish state. This belief is held by Jews and Christians alike. Bob Turner’s ideology is obviously in line with that of the majority of voters in this district.

Moving on to Representative Turner’s supposed temerity in regard to his call for a presidential apology for his open mike gaffe; what’s the problem? President Obama is perfectly comfortable apologizing to Saudi Arabian students and anyone else who will listen to him. I think that President Obama needs a little tutorial on diplomatic protocol. Bowing to foreign leaders, speaking over a nation’s national anthem as if it were his personal theme music and insulting the Prime Minister of Israel to another leader, all add up to a cry for help! Representative Turner answered that cry with a helpful suggestion, apologize to Prime Minister Netanyahu!

In a similar vein let us take a look at Bob Turner’s position on the survival of the State of Israel. Far from demanding that Israel return to its pre-1967 borders (as our president did), Congressman Turner has called for strong support from the United States for Israel as she faces nuclear antagonism from the rogue nation of Iran. Iranian President Ahmadinejad has stated on countless occasions his intention to wipe Israel off of the face of the earth. Given the fact that Iran is virtually awash in cheap domestic oil, this madman’s assertion that he is processing uranium strictly for peaceful purposes is in the very least, disingenuous. Ahmadinejad and the Ayatollahs seek nothing less than a second holocaust. Never again Daniel, never again.

I commend Bob Turner for his no nonsense position on this matter.

Following his smear of Bob Turner for his foreign policy position, Mr. Solomon descends into a doomsday mode demonizing fracking as a threat to our water, land and health. Before Mr. Solomon continues on his antifracking crusade he should be aware of a couple of facts:

1) Since fracking was introduced in 1949 over 2 million frack treatments have been pumped without a single documented case of pollution to an aquafir.

2) Ninety percent of all gas wells drilled in the United States since 1949 have been fracked.

The rumors of the dangers of fracking have been greatly exaggerated by the left. Mr. Solomon has jumped on the liberal bandwagon as he exploits the fears of the readers in an effort to vilify Congressman Turner. The truth is that windmills and solar panels, while helpful, will never provide the power that this country needs to survive. Fracking on the other hand, will go a long way towards helping us achieve energy independence.

Three years ago, Obama told us that drilling in ANWAR would not bear fruit for three years, so we didn’t drill. Now, here we are facing the prospect of five dollar a gallon gas. During his campaign, ‘Barry’ told us that his energy plan would necessarily cause oil prices to skyrocket. I guess we got some intellectual honesty from him after all! While this president was squandering our tax dollars and the money we borrowed from China on failures like Solyndra, his moratorium on drilling in the Gulf destroyed 5,000 oil company jobs and 7,000 jobs in proliferate industries, way to go Obama! In keeping with his energy policy disasters, the current occupant of the White House crushed the hopes of thousands of unemployed Americans who were hoping to work on the Keystone Pipeline project. It just wouldn’t have provided enough jobs, you know. Oh, and it might have helped to keep the price of oil down, pesky little project that it was. We sent Bob Turner to Washington to be a voice of reason and to lay our concerns on the doorstep of a radical, left wing administration and so far he has been doing just that. Thank you Bob!

Mr. Solomon’s assertion that Congressman Turner’s position on energy independence is linked to his personal investments is pure baloney! Most of the people that I know do not have any investments in oil companies and none of them care to pay a higher price for oil to heat their homes or for gas to drive their cars. What we all want is cheaper gas and cheaper oil. Bob Turner is working hard to deliver these things to his constituents. If his investments grow in value we should all applaud. Risk and investment have made our country great! I wonder, would Daniel have mentioned Bob’s investments if they had shrunk? I think not!

I never thought that I would see the day that anyone would pine for Tony Weiner, except perhaps one of his phone sex mistresses! We are well rid of that contemptuous little ideologue who betrayed the trust of his constituents and his family. In his place we have a man of integrity who is trying to get this country back on track.

Mr. Solomon is a soldier in the Obama administration’s war on religion. As such, he has convened an attack on the Catholic Church with his crude comments. His reference to the current “issue of contraception” is most telling. It is obvious that the Obama administration is trying to humiliate the Catholic Church with his unconstitutional mandate. Just as he has broken the back of the coal industry, and as he is trying to break the back of the oil industry, so he is trying to do the same to organized religion in our county. Obama has picked the biggest guy in the room and punched him in the nose in the hopes that he will go down and his buddies will back off. Daniel Solomon is standing there behind his champion, hurling insults and parroting the party narrative.

The issue here is not one of women’s health as Daniel and his ilk would have you believe. Contraception is cheap and in many cases free, so let us put that to rest. It is about an attempt at an obscene display of power by the Obama administration! It is about marginalizing the stature of the Catholic Church and others in America. Forcing the Church to do something that it finds unconscionable is a battle that the administration was ill advised to undertake, they will lose.

The relationship between the Catholic Church and its members is not one of “wag the dog.” As moral decay creeps into our society day by day the Church remains steadfast. The tenets of Catholicism stay the same, regardless of secular society’s departure from morality. When those who have strayed return to the Church, they are comforted that it is the same Church that they forgot for a time. My Church, the Catholic Church, is nothing if not consistent.

I am a practicing American Catholic and I find it to be the height of arrogance for Daniel Solomon to presume to tell me what is in my heart and my mind! Wherever did he come up with this ridiculous statement that 98% of Catholics use contraception? His arrogance knows no bounds. I am disappointed that my friends at The Wave allowed this revolting attack on Catholicism to appear in my favorite newspaper.


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