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Commentary By Brian Wolfe

Hello again and welcome to the second installment of Good Stuff. We started a feel good bank with something to do every day to feel better. Is everyone doing what he or she said he/she would do?? I hope yes! I hear from a lot of people that they are not making progress in their training. This is a very frustrating situation and could make for a lot of wasted time. Work, especially hard work, with little results will not put much of a smile on your face. What can you do about it? One word ... Challenge ... It’s the word I would like to talk about this month.

Challenge is something you do that will put value in your feel good bank. Challenge takes sacrifice and a willingness to go beyond your comfort zone. Two things we all want to do right? Lol ...

If we challenge ourselves in whatever we do we should get better at it and reach a new level, accomplishing a goal. As my friend Declan says, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Great quote! In exercise, we all need to leave our comfort zone sometimes!

In exercise it is so easy to fall into only doing what you “LIKE” to do. (Comfortable, huh?) I hear from many people, “I spend an hour a day in the gym, I’m in great shape. OK, then start doing the things you don’t like to do and challenge yourself, and get into the best shape, the best YOU! If you run, run a little faster. Lift a little bit more/heavier, take shorter rest periods between sets. This would push you to do more work in the same amount of time. Do interval training. An example of an interval would be running a little faster than you are used to (e.g. a timed sprint for approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute) then (actively) resting or running at a slower pace, but not stopping (e.g. 30 seconds to 1 minute). You can increase/decrease the sprint/rest times depending on your level of ability. For someone who has never run or is just starting, walk for a set time or distance and then jog for a set time or distance. Challenge yourself with longer jogs and shorter rests. Leave the comfort zone. This is a great way for someone who has never run to begin running.

The average American spends 21 hours a day sitting or lying down. Think about that. And think of how our bodies were made. I think we were made to MOVE. We have to challenge ourselves to move more.

We need to twist more and bend, get up and down and move from side to side. Do more than what we normally do. Change the way we exercise and change the way we look at our training. Walk instead of drive. Just think about it.

The summer is coming and we all want to look better in that bathing suit or just feel better in general. Challenge yourself ... To not have the extra piece of …Challenge yourself to “give up the …,” Because by doing that you are filling up your feel good bank. “Eat better,” Challenge yourself,” “Exercise more,” “Challenge yourself,” …Get the idea? It’s our motto at our studio. Challenge yourself even if it’s just 1 percent a day, one more minute longer, one more push up, just one MORE. Live to get better. And remember our bodies were made for ... Challenges.

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