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Helpful Golf Instruction Tips For All Levels

By Joel Garyn, U.S.G.T.F. Golf Professional: As promised last week this column will be on ball position and alignment. Next week we will get into correct movement of your body at the start of your back swing for full shots.

Your feet, knees, hips, arms, shoulders, and eyes are lined up PARALLEL to the LEFT of the target line – that is, what is considered square. That starts with your feet. Think of your address position as being on a railroad track: your feet are on the inside rail and the club head and ball are on the outside rail. It is a simple visual aid and well-used image for a reason: it works and is the easiest way of illustrating a square stance.

STANCE: Let the length of the club dictate the width of your stance. The longer a club is, the wider your stance needs to be. The difference between your narrowest and widest stances is only a few inches.

Ifyouarehittinga6ironyourfeetshouldbeshoulderwidthapart,drivera little wider. Ball position for a driver: Draw an imaginary line from the ball to your left arm pit. As you change clubs ball position will change accordingly. Example: a pitching wedge is a narrow stance, ball played off of inside of right foot, about 70 percent of your weight on your front foot to assist in club head coming through the back of the ball with a descending blow.

I also prefer to have my front foot turned out a little to the left, which will assist your turning body as you come through the ball and move your weight onto your front foot and finish with your belt buckle facing the target.

One last thought – I like at address to have the club face ever so slightly open – aimed to the right – as it sits behind the ball.

Now that we have touched on some fundamentals in these three columns we will start to get into the proper back swing and correct weight distribution and follow through. I promise many of you if you follow these articles and practice, your game will improve a great deal. The key word here is PRACTICE.

Have a wonderful week and stay safe.

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