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BCHS Teacher Removed From Classroom

By Nicholas Briano

David Pecoraro at a 2010 meeting protesting the closure of BCHS. David Pecoraro at a 2010 meeting protesting the closure of BCHS. Beach Channel High School has received its fair share of attention over the past few weeks, first when a paraprofessional was recently arrested for having an affair with a student, followed by last week’s altercation between a longtime math teacher and a student, on whom the teacher spat, leading to his placement on administrative leave.

David Pecoraro, 52, was caught on tape when someone began filming his heated exchange with the student, which concludes with Pecoraro spitting on the student who allegedly raised his raise and struck the teacher.

Reports as to what sparked the exchange conflict. Some reports say the student had fallen asleep in class when Pecoraro approached him and another story pegs Pecoraro arguing with the student over using a cell phone.

The video clip, which was posted on YouTube.com shortly after the incident last Thursday, shows Pecoraro screaming at the student who has his head down on the desk and jacket covering his face.

The video begins with the confrontation already in progress when Pecoraro screams, “You can’t make contact with me, that’s illegal.”

The video continues with Pecoraro talking at an extremely close distance to the student, who continuously swatted his arm, which led to a brief shoving match between the two as the teacher kept trying to remove the student’s jacket.

“You want to go to jail now?” asked Pecoraro. “You’re gonna go to jail.”

“What the hell are you doing here?” the student shot back.

“I’m gonna teach you math,” Pecoraro replied at close range as the student muttered in Spanish.

After going back and forth with the student, Pecoraro briefly walks away from the teen and then turns back into his face and spits on him, while the other kids in the room laugh and one other student stays asleep on a nearby desk for the duration of the video, seemingly oblivious to what was happening around him.

“Are you crazy?” asked Pecoraro after the student spat back at him.

According to New York City Department of Education spokesperson, Margie Feinberg, the 19-year veteran has been reassigned to an administrative office pending investigation into the incident.

Pecoraro has been quoted in The Wave as a vocal and outspoken critic of Mayor Bloomberg’s school reform policies.

Pecoraro says the video clearly doesn’t tell the whole story.

“That kid stuck a piece of gum that he had previously chewed and placed onto his desk and onto my rear end — he put it into my mouth and I was spitting it out,” he told the New York Post. “Then he spit in my face.”

The failing school is slated to close in 2014 after it phases out its current student class. Pecoraro, the UFT leader for BCHS, is a vocal opponent of the DOE, its policies and their decision in 2010 to close the high school.

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I had two incidents with Mr.

I had two incidents with Mr. Pecoraro in the same school. My son came home complaining about a teacher who keeps harassing him; I went to Beach Channel High School the next day. I wasn’t able to get in touch with Mr. Pecoraro. The following morning when I was dropping my son off at school. Mr. Pecoraro was standing in front of the school toward the right side. My son told me daddy don’t leave stay in the car and watch. My son started approaching the entrance on the left side of the building, Mr. Pecoraro was leaning against the wall in right side of the building, once Mr. Pecoraro saw my son he started speed walking at my son, at the same time yelling, screaming, and finger pointing at my son’s face. I could not believe what I was witnessing. My son was correct a teacher was harassing him. I jumped out of my car and ran across the street and approached Mr. Pecoraro, I asked what is he doing my son did nothing wrong why are you yelling at him. He turned around and ran into the school; I followed, all I wanted was an explanation to his behavior. Once In the school Mr. Pecoraro told school safety agents to grab me. Wish they did. They told me “Don’t hit him in the school it’s a Felony, do it outside, he is always doing this to the kids in the morning it’s about time a parent caught him.” I had no intentions on assaulting Mr. Pecoraro. Even the school safety agents knew what this teacher was doing to these students and nothing was done. I filed a complaint with the school. The principal Dr. Morris said Mr. Pecoraro is about to retire soon. He will put him somewhere that he won’t interact with the students until he retires. About two weeks later my son and I had an appointment with Dr. Morris, my son went thru the scanner first while I registered at the front desk. I heard a commotion behind me. The school safety agents were telling Mr. Pecoraro; “He is with his father leave him alone” Mr. Pecoraro did it again he started yelling, and pointing his finger at my son’s face. All the kids in the hallway started yelling at Mr. Pecoraro and saying” go ahead do something now, you’re dealing with a grown man, not a child” that is when everything came out in the open. All the complaints the students told me about Mr. Pecararo. I told the principal Dr. Morris and he said he can’t do anything because of the teachers union. I then filed a harassment complaint at the 100 police pct. All this took place during the School year 2005- 2006. What was he still doing teaching. He is just a BULLY plain and simple.

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