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Ideas Wanted

Anything & Everything
By Kevin Boyle and Rick Horan

So, we had this idea. About ideas. We grabbed a camera and did man-on-thestreet interviews asking people for ideas. Ideas about anything and everything. We actually walked around with signs that said in big, bold letters: IDEAS WANTED.

Turns out, people love to share ideas. We got ideas from the ingenious to the wacky; from the local to the global. We took our signs all over New York, from Rockaway Beach to the Staten Island ferry; from Central Park to Times Square. It was so much fun we did the same thing in Miami Beach and even in Sydney, Australia. People everywhere love to share ideas. We now get calls and emails about ideas. All sorts of ideas.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, ideas themselves cannot be protected. Once you give them away anybody can run with them. So, if you’ve got a million dollar idea you’re really, really going to do – well, go for it. But if it’s an idea you can’t or won’t pursue, by all means, share it!

Each week we’ll share some of the ideas we’ve gotten along the way: You know how restaurants are getting graded now for cleanliness? I think they should rate nail salons.

Some of them are very unsanitary. I would like to know if they’ve been inspected. That’s my idea: rate nail salons.

- Alana, New York My ideas is, the visual arts should be taught in grade school as a serious subject, right along with math and history.

It shouldn’t be treated like a hobby. I never even knew something like visual arts existed until I was in college. Now I own my business and I know it’s a viable way to make a living. And if young kids were taught visual arts it would lead to more thoughtful, creative, provocative leadership. - Keith, New York We have a baby and we are always bundling it up in the baby stroller. Why do they not have heated baby strollers, like car seats?

Heated baby strollers, where are they? If they have them, my idea is they should let us know where they are! If they don’t have them, my idea is somebody should make them! - Giovanni, Genoa, Italy

Idea Factoid: Would you like to build a better mousetrap? You’re not alone. The US Trademark and Patent Office receives 400 applications each year for the mousetrap. My idea is, the park (The Highline, an elevated urban park) should be connected to the buildings next to it.

The buildings, the walkway, the whole park should just be one. Question: What about security? Reply: That is a different idea. - Christian Bosa, architect,

Santiago, Chile I think there should be an extra page on our tax returns.

We should be able to allot percentages of our tax dollars. If I have to pay 30 percent or whatever I should be able to say 10 percent for this, 10 percent for that. We pay taxes, we should have a say where they go. – John, Miami The idea is to have a device that plugs into your iPod and has 13 leads that you put on your chest and it sends an EKG display to your iPod screen.

If you listen to music or whatever when you work out you can send the EKG report to your doctor after the workout.

–Bernie, New York.

And we’ve got a million more. Keep an eye out for us and our Ideas Wanted signs, you never know where we’ll turn up. If you’ve got a comment or want to send in your own idea, please do! Please remember, the best ideas are easily explained and understood. Contact us at Ideas@NotSoWacky.com or kevinboyle@notsowacky.com

**We make no claim that the ideas we get and share are original or if they’ve already been realized. We just like the idea. If you want to pursue an idea, do your research!

You know what they say, one idea leads to another. We had an idea about collecting ideas about anything and everything (see our Ideas Wanted column in this week’s Wave) but then somebody said you should have a Rockaway ideas column. Not a bad idea. So we’ll give it a try. Once a month, more frequently if the ideas pour in. (You can send in ideas for Rockaway or ideas about anything and we’ll consider publishing it in either the general Ideas Wanted column or the Rockaway specific column). Oh, and one other thing: No

complaints, no gripes. Just ideas.

Here are some Rockaway ideas:

My idea is a historical walking and bus tour of Rockaway.

My suggestions would be Fort Tilden, the Riis Park bath house, with the finishing touch a haunted tour of the Neponsit Home! There have to be ghosts in there. There could also be tours of the bungalows and boarding houses and surf beaches. There’s a lot about Rockaway people could learn about. Maybe a local bar restaurant could sponsor the tours and everybody would end up there. This would really be great in the summer. People could take the ferry here, go to the beach and take a tour.

– Bill, Belle Harbor.

As it is, there will never be unanimous agreement about parking on the West End. Well, my idea is for an experiment. Why not have a pilot program for parking passes.

From Beach 117 Street to Beach 123? Residents who wanted to park on streets in the summer would have to purchase parking stickers. Let’s give it a test. The stickers would be good from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

– David, Rockaway. Inner tube and kayak day on the bay. Launch from Beach 88 Street out into the bay.

It could be a great water festival that would be great for locals and tourists.

Maybe add a most creative flotation device as a contest. Last Saturday in July.

Get in touch with your inner tube.

– Denise, Rockaway.

Rockaway Factoid: Ideas sometimes come and go. There were highrises built in Breezy, just north of the Silver Gull Beach Club (locals decided it was a bad idea and fought to have them torn down). There was an idea for an airport in Edgemere in 1940. It was a good idea until the Department of Defense suspended operation of all private airports within 200 miles of the coast for the duration of World War II. The back half of the municipal parking lot on Beach 116 Street should be free. But not overnight.

Merchants who work all day on 116th could leave their cars there instead of feeding the meter all day. It would free up spots in front of the stores. And some people who commute could leave their cars there. There would be no overnight parking so people couldn’t leave their cars all the time. Right now, the back of the lot isn’t being used at all. Make it free and it will be used.

– Rachel, Rockaway

So that’s the idea: collect ideas and share them here in The Wave. You never know, maybe it’ll be your idea that makes Rockaway a better place. Here’s hoping you’ll share! Please send emails to any of these email addresses: krockaway@gmail.com, Ideas@NotSoWacky.com or to Not- SoWacky@gmail.com (You can also mail them to The Wave but email is, ahem, a better idea).

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Kevin and Rick, Entertaining

Kevin and Rick, Entertaining and interesting contributions, as always! Hello to Bill in Belle Harbor. There is actually a haunted building in Rockaway Beach, and on Sat. May 5 and Sun. May 6, 2012, from 1 to 3 p.m., I'll be leading the Rockaway Beach Jane's Walk, starting at the Doughboy Memorial on Beach 94 and RBB. When I conducted the tour last year, we passed this haunted building, and ended at the Tap and Grill (formerly the legendary Boggiano's), which, as locals know, has the "original" Baja California fish tacos. My book, Images of America: Rockaway Beach, will be published this June. If you are interested in local history, you won't want to miss Jane's Walk or the book! Email me for details. Vivian Carter

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