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Danger To The Rockaways

Dear Editor,

We hereby ask why this newspaper cares less about the lives of the citizens of the Rockaways and why don’t all of our local elected officials find it clear that we are in extreme danger from Hurricanes, Tsunamis, Earthquakes and other major disasters; we are not ready for any incident that could hit us. It seems to us that no one living here has disproven to all of us that they are only out for themselves. The people of our community will lose lives if we would get hit.

We need people to volunteer to join us as a team (here in the Rockaways) and not worry about covers on garbage cans; we need the community to take training about bad weather and other disasters, have drills on evacuation of our area; we are not saying that it is going to happen, we are saying that it might happen, and we have to get some sort of organization just in case it does.

When you contact our local officials nothing ever gets done (and never will). We have to get the NYPD and the FDNY and all the volunteer services to work together as a team to prevent a disaster from causing lives to be lost. It is bad enough that both the NYPD and FDNY are so short handed that they are unable to undertake a project like this by them selves. We must have community persons helping.

We need all the churches and temples working with the community. There is not one single evacuation notice in the Rockaways. They are all over Nassau County. Why is this? It is due to the fact that our city fathers and elected officials have seen fit not to give a care in the world about the Rockaways. This is why the community has shown that they also don’t care.

I am one of the outlets for books and other flyers from FEMA to be given out to the public, but when we do give them out we find them the next day in the garbage cans. I call out to all of our elected officials to have a big TOWN HALL meeting down here in the 101 precinct and not in the 100 precinct. Why don’t we have some meeting down here that when this newspaper prints letters you only print letters from the west end and it shows us that you only play politics for the people from the west end with the same names in the letters and you totally ignore what we have to say.

It seems that many persons in the Rockaways think only about CERT. We are not finding fault with them but please remember that if we would get hit by any disaster they will be the first to run away. Also, the City agency called OEM has only one person living in our area. What can he do? Nothing! All this paper thinks about is advertising and doing anything to help the community. If you should have someone who cares about the community, attend the police community meetings and see and hear what goes on. They bring up only stupid items and take up all the time for and at the meetings. Why doesn’t the paper set up a town hall meeting here in our area and the subject must be about the dangers that can hit us.

I know that at the above meetings, not one elected official has ever attended. Why is it that a big chief from FDNY and NYPD have never been to a meeting? Why is it that no high ranking official from city hall has ever come to the meetings? It is due to the fact that they could care less, and it hurts the whole community; that no one from outside of the community even cares to spend some time at our meetings.

Why don’t you take the time to send a reporter to contact us and see what we have to offer the public? We are only interested in taking steps to prevent lives to be lost. And without the public’s interest in this project, it could be of great danger to all of us. We have been fighting to get this started and now, since the disaster in Japan, we all have to sit up and take notice that it could happen to all of us.

If you do not print this letter we will find other outlets and we will know that you do not have a care at all about the lives of all our citizens. So take my warning that it could happen here and if it does, your newspaper can and will be part of the cause of people losing their lives. For more direct booklets and flyers from FEMA on the above subjects our 24-7 telephone number is 1-718-327-0302.


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