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Working Together

Dear Editor,

The Occupy Wall Street, OWS, is really getting to some of your readers. Many are for OWS and there are always the malcontents who are against anything that might scare a single penny away from the wealthy. You can tell by the venom in their writing. “Hey you are treading too close for comfort, not because of the scabies, fleas, lice and bed bugs you are carrying, and not because of the way you smell, but this business of encouraging people to move their money out of big banks must end.” Oh yeah, there are a lot of uppity folks annoyed at OWS.

Let me give you a few more examples of what OWS people are against. They are against Crystal Sugar in Minnesota, Iowa, and North Dakota, because Crystal Sugar wants to eliminate the high price workers, you know, the workers that built the company into a billion dollar a year business, and employ minimum wage workers.

On August 1 of this year Crystal Sugar locked out 1,300 workers. After all, Crystal Sugar only made a measly one and one half billion dollars profit last year. Oh, and lets not forget that the taxpayers are funding 250 million dollars in subsidies each year to Crystal Sugar.

Now that’s a nice piece of change, but it’s our change being handed over to the wealthy. According to some of your readers things like this don’t deserve to be brought to public attention. They would be more content suffocating in their own waste than giving any credit at all to OWS.

Cooper tires in Ohio is doing the same thing. So is American Airlines, even though the workers at American Airlines gave back 30 million in the last contract, not to mention the one and a half billion given back in the three union contracts a few years ago. But that’s not enough for American Airlines. They only showed 4 billion in their account when they filed for bankruptcy the last day in November this year. I guess they figure that is chump change compared to what they could make if they could heave ho the union out altogether.

Wait a minute. Let me try to get a handle on this thing. Oh great one with the college degree, could you help me out with this? You know all about the self-avowed anarchists, communists and socialists, carriers of scabies, flees, lice, bed bugs and airline carriers, too, I assume.

Here I go.

I filed for bankruptcy. I have four billion dollars in the bank. I paid out 70 million dollars in bonuses this year. I purchased 450 spanking brand new airplanes.

There are no interruptions in my flights. What is wrong with this picture, or am I not getting it again? Could I get myself in any kind of trouble if someone discovers that I am doing all this to get rid of the unions? Nah, I don’t think so. I am a member of the 1%ers.

So when OWS objects to big business treating the workers unfairly the 1%ers holler the loudest. OWS is winning the battle. Look at the way they have you and me voicing our opinions about it. Is that not winning? I think it is. Multiply us by millions all over the world.

No, no, no, Dr. Paez, you definitely interpreted my letter, where revolution was mentioned, the wrong way. I apologize if that did not come across the right way. Ah, education again. I was, and still am trying desperately not to let this movement spiral into a revolution. I believe the demonstrators have legitimate concerns and those concerns should be addressed. If not, then what is your solution besides the demonstrators taking a bath and going to work? I am still waiting for that. My solution is not simple. I would form a new political party, (Occupy America Party). I would like to see all of the incumbents voted out of office. Every political party today is status quo. I call the two major political parties, “the Republicrats.” Since you and I are so far apart on OWS it makes sense to try and at least understand each other’s reasoning. It’s just not fair to call OWS members an out of control bunch of self-avowed anarchists, communists and socialists. If that were true, then there is a huge part of the world on your side demonstratingand occupying every day. In that respect it is easy to understand your concerns. I don’t believe that for one minute, but I do believe we should work together for the betterment of our government. President Lyndon Baines Johnson once said, “I would rather have my enemies inside my tent urinating out, instead of them outside urinating in.”


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Marxist Loon.

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