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Paez’s Message Is Unclear

Dear Editor,

The letter to the Wave, OUR OWN OWS, by Dr. Harold Paez was to say the least humorous if one could understand what exactly Dr. Paez was saying. All I got out of it after reading around the mish mash was that the occupiers of Wall Street don’t have a message, don’t have a job, never created a job, and they were demonstrating without knowing what they were demonstrating for. Oh, and they were infested with fleas. I also learned from Dr. Paez that Daniel Solomon was writing articles without being qualified to write those articles due to his lack of education, and President Obama was to blame for everything wrong in America today. How good of him to point all that out to the community. I read Daniel’s article, and unlike Dr. Paez’s letter it was clear and intelligible. Isn’t that what writing is supposed to be Dr. Paez?

No message, eh. When, if ever, has anyone seen the wealthy run up to Capitol Hill and throw themselves at the feet of Congress begging the government to take their money so they could pay their fair share of taxes? Well Dr. Paez it happened last week and that message was a result of the OWS movement. The demonstrators are sending and carrying out powerful messages to the government and especially the banks. Move your money is something OWS has been working on and is scaring the daylights out of the banks. Millions of people have moved their money from banks to Union banks that pay interest. Do you agree with that Dr. Paez, or would you rather pay a bank to hold your money? I guess in Dr. Paez’s world it is OK that the 1%ers income increased 300% while the minimum wage went down.

I guess in Dr. Paez’s world plain ordinary common sense has no place at all. People like Dr. Paez always fascinated me. I often wondered what college they attended. I believe there should be another form of college that would erase everything from the mind and start over. In other words, you went down the wrong road. Turn back to the beginning and this time get it right. Anyway, one would think that there was a solution somewhere in Dr. Paez’s letter. If there was I didn’t get it browsing through the dribble. But I have an excuse. I am not a college graduate. However, it is my opinion that the only way to make real change is at the ballot box. A viable third political party could be one solution. As for you Mr. Solomon, please don’t go to college. I want to be able to understand your writing.


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Dr. Paez does not understand

Dr. Paez does not understand the fact that people are upset about the way business is conducted in this country. The banks were bailed out with taxpayers money,then promptly paid out bonuses. None of the money was given to homeowners who were suckered into thinking they could afford a house through the flim flam schemes the mortage companies concocted.I might add that the people that took out the mortages should have known better.(Ignorance is no excuse.)This country (USA) was started because of dissent with the British government over economic policies. Just because you disagre with someone,you don't have to get personal.(Taking bath,having a job,long hair,i.e. personal attack which have nothing to do with anything that is being said. It is obvious that DR. Paez is doing well,hope he never has to ask for a handout.

What nonsense. Dr. Paez's

What nonsense. Dr. Paez's letter was succinct and got to the heart of the rambling liberal boilerplate that Solomon passes for a column. I can only make this out from your letter--Mr. Baxter--either your a personal friend of Solomon's or wear the same ideological blinders as he. Whichever the rationale for your letter, it's mocking attempt fell far away from it's target.

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