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Our Own OWS

Dear Editor,

I noticed that The Wave has its own version of Occupy Wall Street going on with the recent New Frontiers columns submitted by Daniel Solomon.

I’m keeping this letter short because as I’ve stated before, Mr. Solomon has little to add to a reasoned discourse on national politics beyond one-sided rants and tired arguments. A polemic based on a philosophical construct devoid of both introspection and a respect for the very basis of Western logic: cause and effect.

By now we’ve all heard about the Occupy Wall Street protesters who have yet to articulate a clear reason for protesting aside from suffering with a prolonged and collective case of post-graduate ennui. Having elected a President, in Obama, who has pursued their agenda of “wealth redistribution” and defining down expectations and accountability, they seem perplexed by the resulting situation of dismal job prospects.

One begins to wonder which is worse, this administration’s lack of understanding that a free-market economy demands free-market solutions or the Occupy Wall Street crowd’s hypocrisy in banging protest drums rather than taking ownership of policies that they themselves helped to vote in.

The only explanation that ties everything together; from Obama’s lack of faith in private sector solutions to the Wall Street graduate student tent and flea exposition (OWS) to Mr. Solomon’s fervent class warfare sermons, is this: none of them seems to have ever created a private sector job in their lives! In fact, by his own admission, Mr. Solomon has yet to even graduate from high school.

Please keep that in mind, Mr. Editor, the next time you ask your readership to swallow another hatful of hollow surrounded by paid advertisements from respectable free market establishments struggling to keep this country together and continuing to pay their fair share of taxes.


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No one pays 35 percent,

No one pays 35 percent, Thomas. They all skirt the taxes through overseas shelters, so that's a totally disingenuous argument. In fact, ExxonMobil and GE paid not a dime to the IRS last year. And giveaways to big corporations don't help. We tried one in 2004 when Bush let the Fortune 500 bring over money made overseas at a tax rate of 5 percent. The companies didn't create jobs, they paid the cash out in dividends or put it in their bank accounts. We have had conservative reform. It was called Reaganomics and it didn't work. But do you know what did? The New deal and the Great Society, which were massive expansions of government, but also ushered in a wave of shared prosperity while the 1980s brought with them desperation and a widening wealth gap. In a modern society, "government has certain inalienable responsibilities to its citizens ... Freedom is no half and half affair. If the average citizen is guaranteed equal opportunity in the polling place, he must be guaranteed equal opportunity in the marketplace." That's what FDR said. In other words, the government must step into ensure economic liberty, not just political freedom. Big corporations are trying to destroy economic liberty, attempting to turn private enterprise into privileged enterprise and someone needs to hold the line. And no, the GOP did not create jobs in the 90s. The stimulus plan they opposed in 1993, which raised taxes by the way, was what set off the boom along with the Internet. In fact, Newt and his ilk worsened the plight of many in this country with his "Contract with America," really a "Contract on America," which hurt poor people with so-called welfare reform. And the GOP doesn't deserve any credit, for anything. It is a slave to corporate interests, a purveyor and perpetuator of what is wrong with this country, the selfishness, the unfairness, the unjust calls to war, anti-intellectualism in all its myriad forms, bigotry, sexism. It is a terrible institution. Obama is not a socialist. He wines and dines with the bankers. And do you know what else, there is nothing wrong with socialism--democratic socialism. And for the record, Bob Turner is another shill. You like him so much? Let's see what you think when your water is tainted by tracking by-products.

One old saw after the other.

One old saw after the other. Your use of the democrat boilerplate "contract on America" is telling. Don't think, simply trot out a slogan...unimpressive and contrary to the facts.

While it is true there are loopholes, did it occur to you that GE (The parent company of democrat supporting MSNBC) and it's CEO Jeff Immelt are practically one with the democrat party and that they, are most definitely cronies of Obama. Guess this is why you figure he isn't socialist, but crony capitalism can still work within this construct.

Your take on conservative intellectualism is as wrong headed. It is typical that liberals believe themselves to be the most compassionate, smartest people in the room. Though you'd wonder why with all the parroted talking points that get recycled every opportunity they take their message to the public. Original thought is just that, original. Here are just a few other achievements by this progressive political organization. The democrat party founded the Klan. In fact, until he expired of extreme old age a couple of years ago, democrat Senator Byrd was not only a hood wearing Klansman, but--in fact--a grand CyKlops! Going further, this party blocked very nearly every civil rights legislation straight through to the 70s'. After this, they simply achieved parody with the GOP. The icing on this particular progressive legacy is that registered democrat James Earl Ray assassinated Martin Luther King, a republican. Even today "progressive" entitlement programs have undermined urban families in what can only be objectively called the greatest failed social experiment in American history. Don't contend that there is any democrat or liberal high ground, morally or intellectually, it was conceded long ago.

As for economic theory. The paranoia of your stance is astounding. There are millions of businesses in America, not just the GEs and ExxonMobil(s). It is they who produce GNP and they who create jobs, by definition, in a capitalist society, which we are. The vast majority of these companies have no loop holes and they hire the greatest number of Americans. They DO pay the highest rate. Yet I wonder, how is it you don't consider Obama a socialist, when he authored and signed--against 80% of the electorate--nationalized health care, pushing the economy over the 50% mark in terms of government control of it? Guess you didn't know that his college room mate actually characterized him as a "committed communist" back in the day. Even his green czar--Van Jones--was red.

Your contention about Turner is simply wrong. For starters, the man--unlike Weprin--lives in the district pursued office in. His tack is clear; cut the budget. It must be cut. If not, this economy will emulate the failed economies of overspending European nations in very short order. Think Greece. It may already be too late. One thing is for sure, considering the insider trading scandal that members of both parties are equally embroiled in, Turner is not one of that number. This alone put him in much higher standing than any machine pol like his opponent who would have simply rubber stamped anything the democrats ran by him.

Your pettifogging of the historic economic growth under Pres. Reagan aside, it is clear that you don't get how the American economy works. What fuels it, grows it and sustains it. The direction America has turned has upset those who pay the bills, expect political changes to follow. Don't respect that, then you're simply in denial. OWS is an absolute disgrace and sham, those Obamavilles where allowed to fester until they became a public relations disasters. They were then swept up in a handful of days the moment that they lead the democrat wagon hitched to it down their proverbial primrose path. I'd watch your step on that one. Another movement, genuinely grass roots might interest you. Though they don't have over 300 incidents of violence like the fleabaggers, or the drug abuse, sexual assault, antisemitism and mayhem at their events. In fact, they leave the grounds they protest on cleaner than when they first came. These particular grass roots protesters couldn't hang out for protracted periods of time for they had to go to work to pay their bills and tax burdens. This particular group of protesters are called the tea party. Their message is pretty simple too, don't spend beyond your means, Uncle Sam.

As for hydrofracking, I'm sure Turner, insofar as his office has influence on the matter, will look into it and make an informed leadership decisions. He is--after all--was elected by a majority who felt he had the better platforms and character. Your implication that some danger may befall us us is a straw dog. Pure hyperbole drawn from a progressive lexicon to scare people into taking your side. Not buying a bit of it. The water is safe and will be under Turner. In fact we're better represented than we ever could have been by Weprin, even on his best day.

Dr. Paez, Well made points.

Dr. Paez, Well made points.

Mr. Paez, how petty of you. I

Mr. Paez, how petty of you. I have always focused on making my column a source of intellectual liberalism, not a collection of "class warfare" rants. Also, about class warfare. You're right there is a class war being waged in this country--against the middle class and the working class. It's only called "class warfare" when they fight back. And as for tired ideas, lowering taxes and cutting spending, i.e. starving the beast, that's a very well-worn concept and one that hasn't worked. Last thing, private sector experience doesn't mean job creation skills. Romney destroyed jobs at Bain Capital; Clinton created millions after a lifetime career of government service. The most pathetic way you can attack me is by demeaning me for my age and not addressing the ideas I bring forth. Respectfully, Daniel J. Solomon

With all due respect Daniel,

With all due respect Daniel, where are you getting your facts from? It is held and long proven that tax burden does depress economies. America's federal government taxes everything that lives, breathes or moves under the sun and at confiscatory levels. This is why when the tax burden is lowered, economies flourish. Compare our tax on business compared to Canada. Here it sits at 35%, one of the highest in the world. In Canada, it is set at 17%. Is it any wonder that their economy is in the black and thriving? Their dollar has recently surpassed ours in value!

What doesn't flourish when high taxes happen is big government. America was not conceived as a nanny-state. It was formed as a republic wherein freedom is a central tenet. A place where every individual is guaranteed the opportunity to pursue happiness. We give all we can, but for a government that spends more than it takes in, the time is long passed for reform with an eye on conservatism.

A number of your points--even in your reply above--can only be described as misrepresentations of the fact. For example: Bill Clinton created millions of jobs? Yes, but only if you ignore that the republican congress wrote and sent up the legislation he merely signed. Don't see you giving the GOP any credit. Are you biased?

OWS and variants of the OCCUPY movement are little more the democrat backed subterfuge to distract from the bigger national economic issues at hand. President Obama had the congress and the senate in his control for his first two years in office, he is known to embrace sociailist theory. His leadership has made the world a less safer place and his successes only riff off the standing orders of the previous administration. It is more than obvious at this point that this administration is aimed directly at a single term in office with big gains for conservatives in congress and the senate.

NY will embrace the status quo and go--predictably--democrat. But if Turner's election to the Weiner seat is any indication, there might be a surprise or two locally.

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