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You Can Hold The Election Today

Dear Editor,

Whomever the Republicans run with next fall, Obama will clean their clocks. Why? Because it’s already clear that Republicans have no new ideas about the economy, and that lower taxes for big corporations are only good for big corporations.

Most voters have figured that much out. And what’s left? What else are the Republicans running on? They don’t like immigrants, Muslims, gays, and women who’ve had abortions. That’s it. That’s their entire song. And Obama? He’s a reasonably decent fellow who took a few timid steps in the right direction, and when he stops being afraid of his own shadow, will take a few more.

So that’s our choice. We might as well get in line and punch our ballot now.


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I believe you are wrong.

I believe you are wrong. Obama might not win, but the current field of republicans will lose. When Pat Robertson has to tell fellow republicans to tone it down , you know you are in trouble. The candidates that could win, will never make it to Republican ticket.you will see!

Your reference to Robertson,

Your reference to Robertson, is little more than anecdotal and would have no bearing on the national contest. I'm basing Obama and the democrats loss on probability, on polling, which--these days--can be quite accurate, depending on which track record you follow.

Presently, Obama looses to a generic (unnamed) republican in nearly every poll taken. These are national numbers, not NYS. In NYS, Obama will win the day, but as of today, he looses every swing state by large margins.

While Republicans are no prize pigs, Obama now has baggage he didn't before. Namely, his record. Unless 2012 delivers a flourishing, upbeat economy with two chickens in every pot, gas drops below 3 dollars per gallon and the OWS (which Obama has supported) ends; he's electoral toast. Even the capture of Osama and eradication of Qaddafi under his watch won't help much when people are looking for work.

History supports this, polls support this and even the democrats are running for cover, attempting to distance themselves from the POTUS. It is nice to be upbeat about the pols you support, but facts are facts. His only chance is to have the GOP candidate implode, or major turnarounds in the economy, civil discourse and energy/regulatory policies. I called his win too when many thought he wouldn't make it, but his numbers were different--very different--in 2008.

Jacob, You're wrong, here's

Jacob, You're wrong, here's why. Obama's poll numbers amongst independents is abysmal. Lower than Jimmy Carter's was. While I agree, the GOP field is gawd awful, recapturing those independent voters will be--at best--a long shot. Outside the insular environment of NYC and this state, Obama, his policies, and the democrats in general are massively unpopular. Contrary to your letter, I would say you should expect a massive landslide favoring the GOP, who will capture both the senate and the white house in one felled--electoral--swoop. To imagine otherwise simply means you're not paying attention to what the rest of America will likely do. Obama will take NYS, this much is certain, but a state--even NY--does not a election win. Check with congressman Turner to verify this.

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