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Rocking The World

Dear Editor,

The Demonstrations on Wall Street are beginning to rock the world. It is not confined to America anymore. According to reports on the Internet there are going to be 80,000 demonstrations across the globe this weekend.

Thanks to “Occupy Wall Street.” Only one country has not responded and that is North Korea. Apparently the entire world is faced with the same problem and that is, the wealthy are taking the Lions’ share of everything. There are no leaders in “Occupy Wall Street” and that is the main reason it is such an enormous success. Anyone living today has never seen anything like this in America or the world. No one would ever believe that this movement would spread all over the globe, and so fast like it did. Thank you world for having so much faith in America. We can indeed work together to create a better world. A world where all are equal and treated with respect. It is now apparent, that your problems are our problems.

The “Occupy Wall Street” movement will surely do more to solve the problem that all the yawpers in the White House and Congress couldn’t, or wouldn’t do for years. And don’t be fooled by the news media claiming that the demonstrators don’t know why they are there at all. First let me say that they are extremely well organized. They know exactly why they are there. They know that our government is being controlled by the wealthy. They are well aware that the wealthy are not paying their fair share of taxes. They know that our representatives no longer represent their constituencies because they were put in office by the wealthy and they are beholden to the wealthy. They know that the working class is being shafted and they don’t even have a mine. They know that the politicians let the banking CEOs slither away instead of them doing a stretch in jail for a spell. They know that our government is running a war in Afghanistan without telling the American people the reason.

Give our Emperor Mayor Bloomberg credit for calling off the police who were there in droves to evict the demonstrators on the morning of the 14th. The crowds there from all walks of life were too overwhelming to even try it. You couldn’t even get near the place no matter how you tried to squeeze in. Even when the Emperor called off the cleanup, people didn’t trust the message. The cry came out loud and clear from the demonstrators. “Stay in the Park, stay in the Park.” Over and over the cry went out. “All Day All Week, Wall Street,” Two hours later you couldn’t get in edgeways to that Park. I guess you are wondering how they spread the word without a microphone or even a bull-horn? The old fashioned way, of course. One single voice cries out twice, “Mike check, Mike check” and that is echoed by hundreds of people around that single person, and echoed again and again throughout the crowd. That is the call to listen up. You would swear that some of these demonstrators were dug up from President Lincoln’s days.

This is the real America showing what they are made of and we should all be proud of them. The entire world is. The working class, the blue collar workers. The white collar workers. The young, the middle aged and the elderly. Men and women of all races, pulling together for a single cause. A cause to make life a little easier. Unlike the Tea Party people, there wasn’t a sign anywhere portraying politicians as Nazis, of western-like jokers hanging around looking like Gun Slingers from the Jesse James days with their guns hanging on their sides. Not a single one of the demonstrators is interested in politics. They are well aware that it is too late for that, and they are well aware that the problems facing America today will only be solved by the people speaking out.

The owners of Zuccotti Park are up in arms over the demonstrators. They claim they are dirty and stinky. The demonstrators are claiming that it is the Bankers and the Corporations on Wall Street that are spewing the real dirt and stink on the American people, and it is them, the demonstrators, that are there with the fumigating equipment to sterilize and hose them down. The owners of the park didn’t complain when they received huge sums of taxpayer money to fix it up recently. Not bad for a private park? Eh?

What is the answer? Many of us believe that the wealthy should pay the same amount of taxes as you and I pay. If that could be accomplished it would go a long way to restoring the lost dignity to the working class. Many of us believe that the wealthy are willing to do that, but they are held back by our dysfunctional Congress which believes it is wise to be kissing up to the wealthy. We know one thing for sure. The Congress, with a 13 percent approval rating, cannot solve this. We know for sure that the Congress is hiding out in a cocoon and they are oblivious to what is going on with the working class. I know under normal circumstances it isn’t right to bypass the Congress, but these times are not normal. A panel of business people could be formed to talk to the wealthy, and who better than Warren Buffett to lead it?


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