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Dishonest Ballot Association

The following was addressed to all the shareholders at Dayton Beach Park.

Dear Editor,

Like many of you I have been a shareholder for many years at Dayton Beach Park # 1 Corporation; but the travesty placed on us on the evening of October 20, 2011 is atrocious.

Just to state a few things:

While speaking to several coop members outside of one of the buildings, we were told we were not allowed to stand there to speak; I guess according to Jennifer Grady’s laws and Rodney Reid’s laws they have changed the constitution to indicate where you can stand to speak.

I was perplexed when I heard several shareholders complain about Mr. Reid’s removing computers from our management’s officers, how much of our personal information has been put into jeopardy.

In the past I had attended several board meetings and at no time did I ever have to show photo identification, indicating name and address to three different people. Many shareholders were extremely upset by this action as were those that were not let in after a certain number were in the meeting and the doors were locked; eliminating many shareholders from attending. When shareholders complained of this they were told they should have read the notices placed on the lobby walls that afternoon.

When the meeting was called to order we were informed by a staff member of Honest Ballot (or should we call it dishonest ballot) that the results of the election would not be available until the following afternoon and would be posted in every building. However, it did seem quite strange that Mr. Reid and several of his staff and guards kept coming back and forth into the meeting. It was finally realized that the ballots were being counted in the office and were not going to be done as we were informed at the Honest Ballot Office.

The next person to address the shareholders was a member of the firm Marin and Montanye LLP, our accountants. He was asked why the financial report we received was only one page when in the past it was generally 14 pages or more. We were then told we did not receive the full report as two bank statements were missing and they had to be found and rectified prior to the complete statement being done. When a shareholder asked, if we signed the contract with the Maintenance Staff would we incur an increase in our maintenance fees, we were told, no we would not since we have a tremendous surplus of funds and even if we signed the contract we would still have a surplus. So we were not surprised that Ms. Grady was lying to us with misleading flyers. When one person went to ask a third question, she was told by Ms. Grady that she had been able to ask two questions which was not allowed, since the rule is you can only ask one question.

Sometime at this point, Mr. Reid returned to the room, Ms. Grady adjourned the meeting and as she was leaving, several staff members congratlated her on her victory and Mr. Reid was waiting with opened bottles of champagne.

I and other shareholders are appalled that Honest Ballot “Dishonest Ballot” lied to the shareholders about the vote and when the results would be in and failed to tell us that the staff members and Mr. Reid would be involved in counting them but at no time were any shareholders asked to join this count to confirm it. What really is amazing is that the final total numbers were almost exactly like the past election.

Many shareholders are disgruntled and want another election; which should be mailed in and not to Honest Ballot; since this is the second time they have proven to be dishonest with us.


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Ms Patterson, I also attended

Ms Patterson, I also attended the said meeting and was quite upset regarding the need for photo I'd. I had walked to the meeting from 8100 and had to return home for Id. I later, saw that had I read the posting I would have know this was necessary. I never saw any bottles of champagne after the meeting, nor any congratulations. I was also displeased that all information needed for finacial report was not available..however is what it is, as long as this does not become a pattern. I left the meeting knowing there would be misunderstanding regarding wheather new maintenance contract could or would be signed. I believe what was stated was that due to a surplus( well earned) that we have the money to pay. Did not say how long the surplus would last, or if it is not wise to keep surplus so that every emergency does not necessitate a raise in our monthly carrying charges. I have not kept up with the politics here, but am very pleased with the improvements that have been made. Quite pleased that evidently through hard work, etc we have a surplus and are paying bills, such as Water!! Finally way before elections I kept reading and hearing that they would not be fair. Are elections only fair if outcome is what some expected? Ps the meeting did not start on time..quite late, so anyone saying they could not get in doors were closed..this occurred way after meeting was due to start. I for one, am willing to give this board another chance.

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