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Our Youth Are Rebelling

Dear Editor,

The revolution that started in Wisconsin early this year and spread to Ohio and Michigan has now escalated big time. The financial district of New York was targeted more than a week ago and the revolution has already spread to New Jersey, Boston and Los Angeles. Wake up America, wake up before it’s too late and we are faced with the same situation that took place in England about a month ago. This movement cannot be stopped until big changes occur. If our government continues to take it lightly they will be in for a rude awakening. No doubt it will become violent. England took it too lightly and the youth almost burned England to the ground. It was all done through Facebook with every city being targeted at the same time. All the police and uniformed law enforcement personnel couldn’t control the movement. Anyone with an ounce of brains knows that will happen here if the youth are ignored. Of course, England is trying desperately to keep the lid on it but it is not working, especially with Ireland next door. Our politicians better take a good look at the demonstrators on Wall Street and listen to them. Don’t take them too lightly. Do everything in their power to curtail the police from using unnecessary force in making arrests, such as rounding them up in nets and pepper spraying them.

I just came back from Ireland and the big news is about what happened in England. It started out the same way we are now witnessing on Wall Street. The people were angry because no attention was being paid to the working class. The wealthy were getting richer and the poor were getting poorer. People were not able to pay their mortgages or their rents. Many were, and still are, unemployed. Unemployment insurance ran out and many families are not able to feed their children. Then they pick up the papers and read about the huge bonuses being doled out to the CEO’s on bailout money. If that doesn’t remind us of what is taking place here, what will?

I believe there is a solution. First, the wealthy must pay their fare share of taxes. Second, if the manufacturers want to make their money in foreign countries, so be it, but under no circumstances are they to paste an American label on the products to send all over the world. Surely we can legally stop them from doing that instead of giving them tax cuts to do it. I don’t believe the manufacturers could sell anything without the American label on it. That would compel them to manufacture in America.

The bottom line is: Our youth are rebelling against the economic imbalances too long tolerated by their fathers and grandfathers. They are demanding that our system be corrected immediately. I believe that major changes are inevitable. My question is: can this be accomplished through peaceful demonstrations or must the protesters escalate to violence. This all depends on how the government reacts. Will the government have the insight to understand the severity of the situation and respond with concrete measures to correct what is wrong? If a quick response is not forthcoming, and corrective measures are not taken soon, then this relatively mild protest will surely escalate to extreme violence, as we have witnessed in England.


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The Wall Street protesters

The Wall Street protesters are simply a rag-tag collection of 60s warm-overs that have no specific demands other that the general redistributive "tax the rich" mantra. In interviews time-and-time again, they come off as clueless, disingenuous and curiously aligned with the policies of the democrat party. For a bunch of revolutionaries, they sure conform to democrat hegemony.

There have been arguments that this group is a Soros funded and organized organ that--when you objectively look at it--neither constitutes a significant group of people or has substantive demands. NYC would do well to round them up and levy enormous fines against them. Considering many are trust fund babies, the city should make out well in the deal.

Compare--if you will--these thousand protesters to the millions who showed up in Washington to protest Obamacare; the answer to the question no one was asking. The coverage disparity is as outrageous as the OWS protest itself. Tea Party members, protested peacefully, were non-racist and left the environs they spoke at in better shape then when before they came. The same most certainly cannot be said of the flea party, who attack Jews, call candidate Cain racial epithets and not only leave where they've been a gawd awful mess, but actually defecate on the streets! With a recent photo showing a "protester" crapping on a police car. Interviews confirm that this rent-a-mob is just that. Democrat pols have aligned themselves with these cretinous near-do-wells at their own political peril. Most Americans cannot relate, know that it is regulation and taxation that is doing most of the economic damage to America and this attempt to muddy the water confirms that our democrat political leadership does not deserve the the mantel of leadership they hold. They just don't get it, stop spending America into oblivion.

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