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A Few Thoughts About The Election

Dear Editor,

I would like to express a few thoughts of my own, and clear up a few issues in the aftermath of the Special Election for the New York State Assembly in the 23rd District, held on Sept. 13, wherein the candidates were Republican candidate, Jane Deacy, and Democrat, “Y’ Phillip Goldfeder.

Congratulations to the latter on his win, and let’s all wish him well in his endeavors, especially his promise to eliminate the tolls on the Cross Bay Bridge, as former Assemblywoman Audrey Pheffer assured us in her endorsement that he would do. (She couldn’t, but he will?)

Speaking of our newly appointed Queens County Clerk, Audrey Pheffer, she very openly and actively endorsed and campaigned for Mr. Goldfeder during the entire campaign leading up to the special election. In addition, County Clerk Pheffer included herself in a large number of full page ads with Mr. Goldfeder, in which she displayed a letter endorsing Mr. Goldfeder, and asking all of her constituents to vote for him. The only problem is that it is our understanding that under the Rules and Regulation on the New York State Office of Court Administration, County Clerk Pheffer is entirely prohibited from engaging in such activity, and she had been instructed not to do so – but decided to do so anyway.

It was very convenient of Howard Schwach to say in one of his many erroneous statements in his columns in The Wave that he looked into the matter and ascertained that there is no law prohibiting her from doing so; however, our newly appointed County Clerk is subject to abide by and obey the rules and regulations that she and her office are subject to, which prohibits such activity. In view of these flagrant violations, how are the residents of Queens expected to trust our newly appointed County Clerk to be impartial and nonpolitical in any of her dealings. Because County Clerk Pheffer is a Democrat, and because of this prohibited behavior, are we now to assume that everything she does will be to the betterment or preference of the Democratic Party? Or perhaps, as she is also the Commissioner of Jurors, should we expect that everyone other than Democrats will be assigned to Jury Duty? Ms. Pheffer has already demonstrated in one of her very first opportunities to do so, that she cannot be trusted to be impartial and have her office perform in a non-political fashion. Judges, District Attorney’s, etc. are also under the same restrictions. Is this what we can continue to expect from our County Clerk in the future? It is my hope and expectation that she will be called to task for what I believe to be a serious violation of her ethical and office responsibilities, for if we continue to let all of these improper activities go unchallenged, why bother having any rules at all? I believe that is referred to as anarchy.

What’s with Democratic “Leader (?)” Lew Simon? Is he having inferiority complex problems, now that he has been found to be asking for all the “Thanks, Lew” letters for “saving” Peninsula Hospital (to his mind) single handedly? Lew, contrary to your lies in your columns in The Wave, and your verbal utterances at the debates and at some of the election polling sites, Jane Deacy was in fact present at a number of the rallies, even though you were on the very same stage with her on occasion. The Wave even has at least one photo attesting to that fact. Just because your narrow-mindedness doesn’t allow you to see beyond your limited vision, other people actually worked in many different capacities to fight for the survival of Peninsula Hospital. Believe it or not, Lew, some, such as Jane Deacy, were also working behind the scenes, and in constant contact with the Board of Directors, assisting in whatever way they could to help. Not everybody had to always be on the street with the bullhorn, which, by the way, you refused to allow Jane to use when she was at one such rally. Not everyone had to “stand at the coffin” or whatever – while they were working behind the scenes. But that’s our Lew – whom I refer to as a confirmed LIAR, as he has blatantly done so in his columns on a number of occasions. Lew even accused Councilman Ulrich of not attending any of the save the hospital rallies, all the while having been present at one that the Councilman spoke at, and had his picture in The Wave as being there. Come on, Lew! What gives? Start telling the truth. (Should I expect to see my name mentioned in your next column, Lew?) I could go on and on about our Lew, but perhaps more will be said in the future.

Finally, I would like to very graciously thank all the hardworking people, friends, family, and everyone who either worked on Jane’s campaign, or who simply supported her in any way. All of you were simply wonderful, and words cannot completely express our profound thanks. In spite of the fact that there were so many forces working against her — from being vastly outspent, to all of the outside influences that compelled the civil service unions to endorse Mr. Goldfeder, in spite of the fact that Jane is a retired Police Officer, her father was a Lieutenant on the New York City Fire Department, her grandfather was a also a fireman, and I am a retired NYCPD Detective, who was a PBA and DEA union delegate, union members were sent letters telling them that Goldfeder would be the better candidate to protect their pensions. Jane and I are both recipients of those pensions, so logically speaking, who would better work to defend those pensions?

In spite of all those obstacles, Jane still managed to garner 46 percent of the vote – AND, Jane can take some credit for the success of Bob Turner’s Congressional win. We are in better hands.

God Bless You, and God Bless America.


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Wow, the pathetic rant of a

Wow, the pathetic rant of a sore loser. Oh, and don't worry, next year, Bob Turner is going to lose too.

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