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Disinformation At DBP

Dear Editor,

I would like the opportunity to address the most recent information being circulated by Jennifer Grady to the shareholders of Dayton Beach. Like the majority of her previous flyers, this information is extremely misleading and could not be further from the truth.

She again accuses the striking maintenance workers of refusing to negotiate a contract with Dayton Beach Park. In fact, it is quite the opposite. The truth is that Ms. Grady has refused to negotiate with the workers and their union, Local 32BJ. You need only to use common sense to see the real truth. Why would anyone believe that these men choose to be without a paycheck for the past three months? Why would they want to stand on a picket line in all types of inclement weather? They have bills to pay and families to support. It makes no sense! And when something doesn’t make sense it’s just not true.

This is just another part of Ms. Grady’s ongoing campaign to try and turn the shareholders against the maintenance workers. In her own memo to the Shareholders dated 9/22, she attaches copies of the invoices which indicate the expenses she has incurred as she continues to refuse to negotiate. Take a good look, they’re her own figures. The longer the strike continues, the more bills we will incur. This is her own personal war and in no way benefits the shareholders. She has in the past (in the beginning of the strike) sent around flyers indicating the salaries of each worker by name. (Quite unethical in my opinion but typical of Ms. Grady.) Compare those salaries to what she is paying now for outside cleaners and trash removal. Do the math. She’s actually spending more money trying to keep our men out. What a waste of shareholders’ money.

In her “update” of 9/15 she goes on to say that there have been over 100 acts of vandalism since the strike’s beginning and then insinuates that these acts of vandalism are being perpetrated by supporters of the striking maintenance workers. – Why would 100 acts of vandalism have not been noticed by any of the shareholders? Only because they are a figment of Ms. Grady’s imagination and part of her ongoing campaign to discredit the striking workers. If in fact over 100 incidents of vandalism have occurred in the last three months as stated by Ms. Grady (the time our maintenance workers have been out on strike), why has no one heard of these incidents as they occurred? In the past, any occurrence would be talked about among shareholders that day and for days afterward. “Did you hear about.........? “100 acts of vandalism” quoted from Ms. Grady’s most recent “update.” Are we really supposed to believe her. Not unless your head is in the sand. Most importantly, if in fact there had been any incidents of vandalism, Ms. Grady should have been able to identify the perpetrators of these acts without a problem. After all, there are security cameras all over Dayton Beach. (The shareholders are paying for them along with her armed security.) Is her new security crew asleep on the job? Let’s see some solid proof to go along with these serious allegations. As stated previously, if it doesn’t make sense, it’s not true.

She then goes on to mention some of these “acts” which included: “laundry room machines damaged, sinks clog=- ged and overflowing water” Is this something new? Anyone using the laundry rooms has come across this situation at some point over the years. All of a sudden this is considered an act of vandalism????

“Massive amounts of strewn garbage/ clothing/furniture left on residence floors” — Also something that I, and I am sure many other shareholders, have personally witnessed many times over the years. These are things our maintenance men have had to deal with on a regular basis. Now all of a sudden these incidents have become “acts of vandalism.“ Ms. Grady’s fairy tales get better and better as she attempts to generate hatred toward the striking maintenance workers and discord among the shareholders. Some of us, however, are not at all fooled by Ms. Grady’s tales.

Now, here is her most outrageous comment and where her credibility really takes a dive as her allegations become even more bizarre and she again pulls the race card. In her memo distributed to the shareholders on 9/22/11 following the rally on Shore Front Parkway, she accuses a “group of people” at the rally of shouting at her, “We need to take this back to the South where the black people know their place.“ Now how ridiculous is that??? In this same memo she names the politicians who spoke at the rally, James Saunders and Malcolm Smith — both black men. The vice president of Local 32BJ, who spoke on behalf of the striking workers, is also a black man as are 70% of the men from local 32BJ. Are we all supposed to be so ignorant as to believe that this statement was actually made in front of a group of prominent black men. Or even better yet that maybe it was these black men themselves who actually “shouted” this at her. She wasn’t even present at the rally to have been “shouted at.” Anyone at the rally knows that this never happened and those who were not need only use common sense to realize this statement is no more than a fabrication.

As for those shareholders who are still intimidated by her threats of a maintenance increase, there are a few facts that you need to be aware of. First of all, you are already paying one of the highest maintenance costs of all Mitchell Lama co-ops. We’ve had significant increases over the past three years. Where is all this money going??? Look to your neighbors in Dayton Towers. Their maintenance costs are between $150 and $200 less per month than ours here at Dayton Beach. That’s a significant difference. I am sure most of you know someone who lives in Dayton Towers. Don’t take my word for it, ask around. Secondly, Dayton Towers maintenance workers did not have to go on strike. Their board gave them the same small increase our men are asking for (40 cents per hour), no strike, no problem. Dayton Towers has also been enjoying their pool in the summertime while our pool has been closed for three years now. And they have been doing all of this with a significantly lower income from maintenance. The only difference – the people on the boards. Apparently, the Boards of these other co-ops are more adept at handling finances than the current Board at Dayton Beach.

How much more of your monies will be wasted before you’ve had enough? The new elections will be taking place in October. We must get rid of Jennifer Grady and the current board and replace them with honest and decent members who genuinely care and do not have ulterior motives or a personal agenda. If not, you will be getting another increase as the bills pile up while Ms. Grady pays private sanitation to remove our garbage where it has always been free (NYC sanitation workers are also union and will not cross a picket line), armed security guards to escort her to and from her car and a private cleaning company to do the job of our men. She has also filed false and frivolous lawsuits against shareholders that have opposed her and the shareholders are paying the legal fees for that, too.

All of this while she claims to “have the shareholders’ best interests in mind”???? The wasteful spending and spiteful tactics of Ms. Grady must finally be brought to an end.


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