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Gun Violence Epidemic

Dear Editor,

As you are no doubt aware, gun violence has taken a toll on so many communities across this nation. As our loved ones continue to die from this brutal, cruel and cowardly act, I am so disappointed our federal government officials have not considered this “epidemic” for what it is: a national public health crisis! Each of you must put party affiliation aside and use common sense, and pass “federal laws” that will stop this madness. We need “laws” that are applicable to all of these great “United States” if we are ever to prevent those with criminal intent from committing these horrible crimes. “Common Sense” must prevail! Whether you are “Democratic” or “Republican,” common sense must prevail! Whether you are pro “NRA” or “ANTIGUN,” common sense must prevail. Though I disagree with “Mayor Bloomberg” on many issues, I agree with him relative to the need for the “government” to take a stand on this issue - gun violence. Sadly, Mayor Bloomberg appears to be the only “elected official” speaking out and asking the government to take a stand, but there are millions of “everyday people” (without a voice) who are asking for your help. We must prevent firearms from getting into the hands of our youth, and others with criminal intent.

“YOU” must come together to “prevent” illegal guns from crossing state lines and wreaking havoc on our lives. I’ve been to so many hospitals and funerals during the past decade that I’ve actually worn myself out, both physically and mentally - because of my commitment to take a stand - against “gun violence.” How many gun violence related funerals have you attended, and how many families of gun violence victims have you shown compassion?

This may be a difficult task for you and your colleagues in Congress, but it is one that must be addressed immediately, and far more difficult for the loved ones of victims of gun violence. The task that you must do (coming together) to implement “federal gun laws” (not later, but now) is only common sense. This “Congress” can make a difference, it can help save the lives of so many and stop the pain and grief that so many of us bear daily. Common sense must prevail!

Though I truly respect the “2nd Amendment,” surely it was not intended for our youth, the mentally challenged, or those with no regard for life. Perhaps, in these times, it should be revisited and “re-written.” My issue is with “gun violence” not “gun rights.” Only “law-abiding citizens” should have the right to “legally” own a firearm. NO EXCEPTIONS!

My remedy for anyone in possession of an “illegal firearm” is a mandatory sentence of five (5) years imprisonment. NO EXCEPTIONS! If that person commits an act of “gun violence” with a firearm, they should face a mandatory sentence of ten (10) years imprisonment. NO EXCEPTIONS! If that person commits “murder” with a firearm, they should face a mandatory sentence of twenty-five (25) years. NO EXCEPTIONS! That’s only common sense.


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Liz the solution to this,

Liz the solution to this, while against many liberals FEELINGS is to arm the populace. Of the 38 states that allow honest, trained people to arm themselves, those states have seen a fall in their crime rates. When the gangsters have doubts about whether you are armed they start having second thoughts. I carry my weapon at all times in the 28 states that allow me to and the other states that do not require a concealed handgun permit. I did find it amusing that when I asked in my training classes where I could carry my weapon the instructor replied "basically any state that allows one man to marry another you cannot carry in that state". If we just use the laws that we have we would be fine.

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