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Wave Endorsements For The Special Election

When The Wave editorial board sat down last week after interviewing all of the Assembly and Congressional candidates, it came to the conclusion that there was not much of a choice in the September 13 special election, but that the Democratic team had to get our backing because the Republican team, sounding more like Tea Party activists than Republican mainstream candidates, were clearly antithetical to everything we believe in, both on social issues and fiscal issues. Therefore, using the theory of the Least Objectionable Candidate, we hereby present our endorsements.

For the New York State Assembly seat in the 23rd Assembly District, The Wave endorses Phillip Goldfeder.

While we would have preferred that the electorate had the chance to decide the major party candidates and while we would have preferred a candidate more attuned to the needs of the Rockaway everyman, it is clear that Phil Goldfeder is much preferable to his Republican opponent, Jane Deacy. Goldfeder is a Far Rockaway resident and is reasonably moderate. Even though he is young, he has had lots of experience in the political world, working for both Mike Bloomberg and Chuck Schumer. He would not, he says, do away with same sex marriage or abortion and supports public schools, even though his children will go to parochial school. He is opposed to school vouchers, even though he would like to see tax credits for private school parents. Deacy, on the other hand, hews to the Republican line. She opposes same sex marriage and abortion, declaring herself “pro-life.” Once a parochial school teacher, she favors vouchers. She says that she wants to deregulate business and do away with the payroll tax. While Deacy has more “real-world” experience as an ex-NYPD officer, we like Goldfeder for the Assembly seat vacated by Audrey Pheffer.

For the House of Representatives seat in the 9th Congressional District of New York, The Wave endorses David Weprin.

There is a three-way race for the seat abandoned by Anthony Weiner, but one of the candidates, Socialist Workers Party candidate Christopher Hoeppner, can be dismissed as a viable candidate, unless you happen to believe that Cuba should be the model for the United States to follow. That leaves Democrat David Weprin and Republican Bob Turner. We cannot support Turner any more than we could support any other Tea Party candidate. He favors what he calls “intelligent regulation of business,” which translates to little, if any, regulation. He favors tax breaks for big oil at the same time he has tens of thousands of dollars invested in the oil and other power industries. He favors teaching intelligent design in the public schools, stating, “The debate is important to define our underlying principles that come from our Creator and not from man.” He wants to cut out the federal Departments of Education and Agriculture. He wants to cut the Energy Department. He wants far less regulation of business, energy, worker health and communications. The former producer of the Jerry Springer show, he wants to “untie the hands of our business people.” He also wants to cut all federal spending, including that on Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. Weprin, on the other hand, who is more moderate, believes in the new health care act, wants to support senior entitlements and federal agencies, which he says “adds an extra level of protection for the health and welfare of all citizens.” Even though Turner is a local, coming from Breezy Point, we have to endorse Weprin for Congress.

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Weprin won't even commit to

Weprin won't even commit to living in the district he wishes to lead--even if he wins! Bob Turner is not--by definition--a tea party candidate, though you wouldn't know it from this editorial. In fact, what should concern voters is how lock-step Weprin is. Weprin supports the Obama and his policies. This fact alone should be enough to help folks make up their minds. We haven't had as ineffectual leadership in federal office since Jimmy Carter, but he's a-okay in Weprin's book. The days of liberal largess will be soon over, government coffers will be emptied from democrat profligate spending and everyone knows it. A vote for Bob Turner, is one that recognizes that America has to do an about-face on spending, the size of government and the general direction this country has taken over the last quarter century. To not respond and place someone like a Weprin in congress is tantamount to assuring that we'll have the economy of Greece in very short order. By then, it will be too late to take this editorial back.

Wave endorsements. Why would

Wave endorsements. Why would you state you cannot endorse any other Tea Party candidate? I thought you took the best candidate based on what was best for the masses. You exclude Mr. Turner based on what you think his party is. That's real objective. Wow, you list one of the reasons that Mr. Turner should not be elected is because he owns 278 shares of Exxon stock. Did you go so far as to check the mutual funds of Mr. Weprin, Most decent funds have a good share of Energy stocks. Next is intelligent regulation of business, you translate it to be negative because it uses intelligence to regulate, what were you thinking should be used, lack of intelligence. Every big company gets tax breaks, that’s what gets them to move to your state. In return they give jobs and uplift the communities that embrace them. D.O.Education, is it really working? D.O.Energy was created in 1977 by Jimmy Carter to make us energy independent. How is that working out for us? Oh, Mr. Turner also wants to starve the children, take benefits from old people and make sure nobody gets health care. Come on Wave you could not quote the liberal mantra with more exactitude than this article. Jeez you really do not give people a fighting chance. Just think Wisconsin, how are they doing?

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