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Terrorists Vs. Traitors

Dear Editor,

I chose a deliberately provocative title for this letter just to emphasize the base level of discourse which now passes for political analysis at The Wave, if one is to judge by the latest screed submitted by Daniel Solomon in his “New Frontiers” column. By now I am familiar with Mr. Solomon’s breathless and combative style of writing which has, at its core, nothing more than a blind anger and disregard for ideas not in line with his own. In one previous exchange he went so far as to call me a liar for submitting a letter which, I suppose, had a little too much truth in it.

The title of his latest column, which starts the feast of pure reason with an Ad hominem attack on Americans who align themselves with the Tea Party movement (“Stopping The Tea Party Terrorists”), is evidence enough that what is to follow is basically a thinly veiled Leftist propaganda piece. providing cover for our President’s lack of a workable plan to bring prosperity back to this nation, Mr. Solomon accuses Republicans in Congress of extortion because they hold beliefs in economic principles in opposition to the failed Keynesian economics that have proven ineffective in producing jobs.

Why? For a simple reason once articulated by Margaret Thatcher: “The problem with such policies is that eventually, you run out of other people’s money.”

Cue the European Union’s current meltdown in Greece, Portugal and Spain, something I mentioned months ago in a letter to the editor and continues to be a major underlying reason for uncertainty on Wall Street. Europe has run out of other people’s money and now austerity measures are being forced into play to limit the spread of a problem that threatens the economic stability of the entire continent.

Back to this side of the pond where folks like Mr. Solomon, much more interested in demonizing their fellow Americans, ignore such dire examples of economic policy run amuck both presently and in the recent past (do I really have to mention the failure of the economic/socialist policies of the USSR, Communist China and Cuba again?). Rather than seek a common ground based on the realization that perhaps our current economic course of action is not working (over 70% of Americans believe we are on the wrong track according to the latest Gallup poll) he chooses instead to traffic in the idea that there is a “sinister” plan afoot to turn Americans into corporate drones that eat the disenfranchised for breakfast (I hope nobody takes that literally). He goes so far as to call elected Republican members of Congress “loons” ready to “don suicide vests.” He accuses Republicans of obstruction when their economic proposals dare to include a Balanced Budget Amendment. If he wants an example of obstruction he might look into the recent actions of state legislators in Wisconsin who actually fled the state in order to avoid a vote that they disagreed with. Those weren’t “Tea Party” legislators running from their responsibilities Mr. Solomon!

Perhaps, now I understand what he means by “obstruction,” he means to say that the Republicans are obstructing the course of spending our way into a credit rating of “Junk.” I noticed he failed to mention that small bit of news; our credit downgrading by Standard and Poor’s. The Left’s political spin was that this was due to our government’s inability to come to an agreement but as reported by the credit rating agency itself; it had to do with an inability of the United States government to address the alarming DEBT/GDP (Gross Domestic Product) ratio in a meaningful way, combined with President Obama’s inability to work with his duly elected Congress! True to form, the Obama administration is now launching a Justice Department “investigation” of Standard and Poor’s not unlike this current administration’s previous overreach in the affairs of individual states like Arizona and Wisconsin. This federal government has accumulated enough Constitutional challenges lined up by the States to keep the Supreme Court busier than an MTA executive on double overtime.

In the real world, there are consequences to our actions and the unprecedented spending by this administration through its failed stimulus programs, quantitative easing programs (read currency debasement), cash for clunkers programs, multiple trillion dollar budget deficits and of course Obamacare, have left this nation on the verge of a financial precipice. While I’m on the subject of finances, I would remind Mr. Solomon that Wall Street gave more money to Mr. Obama’s campaign, by far, than to Mr. McCain’s campaign in the last election. The cheap shot at Republicans as the party of “big money” just doesn’t ring true when we hear of the cozy relationship of Mr. Obama with the CEO’s of such companies as Berkshire-Hathaway and General Electric or the Billion dollar budget being prepared for his re-election campaign as he plays another round of golf on Martha’s Vineyard. To a certain extent, I can understand the source of Mr. Solomon’s invective. He is witnessing the utter repudiation of his world view and entrenched ideology in real time. What he must ask himself at some point, if he is to be intellectually honest, is whether he truly believes in a free market economy as the basis of this nation’s prosperity or if he would rather wade back into the murky waters of ideologies based in redistribution and big brother government which have been proven failures. As I write, the authorities are rounding up rioters and looters responsible for destroying neighborhoods in England. When interviewed, some rioters at least had the decency to be honest about it; they stated that they looted because they wanted something for free. Is Mr. Solomon ready to discuss solutions in good faith or will he continue to be a traitor to objective reasoning?


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