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Sign The Contract

Dear Editor,

I am writing in reply to Jennifer Grady’s letter which appeared in The Wave this morning. Not only was I at the rally, but I helped organize the shareholders who attended it. The rally started at 8:30 a.m. and was over by 10:00 a.m. as it was scheduled to be. In attendance were about 100 shareholders with their families and the striking men and their families. The Wave itself was there, taking pictures. There was plenty of noise, as this is what a Rally is about, but there was no beer drinking nor was there littering.

As a matter of fact, the men have picked up trash left by beach goers in our bushes and put it in one of the numerous trash bags they have on the strike line. This woman’s assertion that “all that was missing” from the rally was “a noose and a sheet” is one of the most disgusting and telling statements she made in her letter. No one but that woman has drawn the race card. NO ONE. Those who are standing on the picket line with the workers are of ALL race and ethnic backgrounds. It is this woman who is trying to divide our community by using race. She has made promises to our European neighbors that she, with their help, will take the co-op private and the first step is getting rid of the union. In reality, Dayton will NEVER go private.

Dayton has the burden of a 35 million dollar mortgage, the need for sub metering and structural integrity issues that need to be addressed long before a feasibility study could ever be thought of. Yet she makes them promises and feeds them lie upon lie for their votes.

To see the whole picture of this woman’s furor, the morning prior to the rally, this woman was seen posting a blue flyer in her building which stated that the striking workers vandalized the buildings in the dead of night with rotten garbage, sticky soda and eggs. It also stated that the striking men had cut the Time Warner Cable wire outside of 8400. Mind you, the wire was cut two days prior by the sprinkler company she hired, who were laying hose and accidentally cut the wire while they were digging. Time Warner came to repair it, but would not cross the picket line, UNTIL, the 32BJ union rep called their supervisor and allowed them to cross. By afternoon, this woman was on her balcony, which faces the picket line, screaming profanities at the men as well as the shareholders who were standing with them. She screamed at one shareholder, who has the parking spot next to her, that she was going to “F-up her car” and went on to tell her she had a “big fat F-ing as*” The elderly women sitting in front of 8600 were so mortified by what she was screaming that they shook their heads and went inside. By Saturday evening, this woman was again seen by several shareholders in her building posting a long yellow flyer that stated that I and three other ex board members, one being a 72-year-old woman, along with our families and the striking men, vandalized the building in the dead of night AND cut the cable wire in 8400. If there were so many people vandalizing in the middle of the night, why were none caught on her high priced security cameras or better yet, why did none of her private armed security catch us? This woman continuously refers to the “small fraction of shareholders” that support the men, led by the “kicked off the board board members” when in fact, there is a petition for her removal that has upwards of 500 signatures. This is a far cry from the “50” she attests to. And let’s be reminded; this woman was herself thrown off the board because of her unruly behavior during board meetings, where she would scream and curse and prevent business from taking place.

This woman has been living in a dream world of distorted facts for three years now.

Her self inflating ramblings that are sent out under the guise of “Progress Reports” are just lie after lie. She states in her letter that she sent a check to the union for the men’s medical, but neglected to mention that was for February, March and April benefits and the check was issued in May.

In her latest memo, the accountant states the men’s increase would cost 500K over the life of the four-year contract, in her memo attached, she states it is 500K per YEAR. This woman hired a private security company who are carrying guns on our property, yet, are only seen guarding her.

She states that they are off duty police officers, yet the NYPD won’t cross a picket line, so what state are they from that they are “off duty” from? These guards drive with her out of the driveway, they walk her to her apartment. So we are paying for her to be guarded, but we can’t pay our men. A private carting company as well as a private cleaning service were hired, no approval of a contract or motion and vote of the board and if there were, there were no minutes posted informing the shareholders.

The whole thing is sick and disgusting. But the longer this strike goes on, the more her true “colors” are showing through. Those who once supported her are embarrassed now. The longer this goes on, the wider the attention and the more people of authority will take notice. The rallies will continue and the shareholders will support the men who have tenure of over 25 years at Dayton. These men have nothing but respect and love for the shareholders and OUR investment property. All they want is to come back to work under a fair and reasonable contract. They want the board to stop backing out of agreements that were already made and SIGN THE CONTRACT.


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