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Commentary On Things Present

By Peter Stubben

The eyes of all New York – and maybe even the nation – will be watching Rockaway on Tuesday, September 13 ... 60 days from now. On that day Rockaway will choose whom they will send to Albany and DC to speak for them, advocate for them and vote for them on all the pressing issues of the day, and the decade. It will be a special election in many senses of that word, and here are a couple of reasons why.

Friday the Labor Department reported that 9.2 percent of the population could not get a job in June!

This is terrible news.

The nation needs about 200,000 jobs added to the payroll every month to get our mojo back, and last month we added 18,000 jobs. Again, terrible news and completely unexpected as the President has been spending NOT millions, NOT billions, but trillions of US dollars to restore the nation’s health and bring unemployment back to around five percent. It’s not his fault, though. Everything President Obama learned in Indonesia, and at Columbia and Harvard, and on the south-side streets of Chicago is that the government knows better, that government spending – no matter how unimaginative – is the key, and that the nation is better served by a bevy of elites ... or as he calls them czars ... than the everyday citizens of New York, and Chicago, and LA, and Houston, and Knoxville, and even Bar Harbor, Maine. Further, TARP (the Troubled Asset Relief Program) was funded by over 800 billion US dollars, but not one penny went to troubled assets! The money went to bail out the states, and to shovel-ready jobs ... all to be assiduously administered by Vice President Joseph Biden. The money has been spent and there are still no jobs (except for DC bureaucrats, of course). Apple can manufacture their neat and innovative stuff overseas and still make lots of money here, but houses gotta be built here with American labor and with American architects and with American plumbers, carpenters, electricians, masons and operating engineers. Plus, the housing industry’s gotta buy their inputs here too ... you know, the concrete, lumber, piping and particulates. Employment and the economy stumble because housing stumbles. The other TARP spending was completely wasteful as well. The state bailouts only put off for 2 years, from 2009 to 2011, what the states needed to do anyway ... that is, get their respective state houses, and their state spending and their state regs all in order. Governor Cuomo appears to be doing that well here in New York and he needs help from Rockaway’s new rep in the State Assembly.

During a business interview last week in Sun Valley, Warren Buffet said the best investment a US firm can make these days is on K Street. When all is managed, regulated, determined and taxed by Washington pols and bureaucrats, this only makes sense. While firms are on the front lines building factory floors around the world and investing in R&D projects overseas, they are prioritizing their US activity by investing in DC lobbyists.

There are more regulations and less work. Gasoline remains high, food costs are going up and now even the lowly light bulb MUST – the feds say – be replaced by a $4 light bulb. Crude cannot be explored in the Gulf, the feds say, but Brazil can borrow cheap US money to explore for their own crude, and for their own profits ... and Mexico likewise. The DOE is now banning the incandescent light bulb – the 89 cent model – demanding all Americans buy the ‘more efficient’ $4.00 model.

Amidst this maelstrom of a failing economy, faulty principles and false platitudes comes Rockaway’s September 13 special election. If the President cannot re-learn what’s good for the economy and best for the nation, then the House needs to assist him.

US Congressman Joe Crowley (D, Woodside) has nominated for Rockaway’s Congressional seat David Weprin. Mr. Weprin is a career politician and from a career family of pols. The strategy is to extend the Crowley-Weprin sphere of influence – their political hegemony – from North Queens to South Queens. The Weprins have done nothing but legislate and pontificate for two generations, and now one seeks to do the same here ... in the name of Rockaway! The editor of the Queens Chronicle, Peter C. Mastrosimone, wrote on Feb 11 of last year:

“It’s hard to imagine how former City Councilman David Weprin expected that his use of a swastika on a flyer attacking his opponent would garner him votes. Instead it has rightly sparked disgust among those he would represent in the state Assembly.”

For the State Assembly race Senator Charles Schumer (D, New York) has nominated Weiner.2. No disrespect to the Senator, but wasn’t his former aide Anthony Weiner, the guy who disgraced Rockaway in the first place and was forced to resign, and now the Senator is nominating another of his neophyte aides – AGAIN – to represent Rockaway.

On the other side for this special election are two working stiffs ... Bob Turner for Congress and Jane Deacy for Assembly. Bob built and ran his own firm for many years in the TV industry, and Jane served the city as a New York City police officer. Both expect to bring their street smarts and common sense to DC and Albany to help restore and rebuild. The question remains for another 60 days ... who will speak for Rockaway?

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