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Beach Bummer

By Nicholas Briano

A resident of the Rockaway Park Hotel was arrested on the corner of Rockaway Beach Boulevard and Beach 116 Street earlier this month for allegedly threatening someone with a box cutter inside the Beach 116 Street MTA public bathroom, according to court papers.

Transit District 23 police responded to the scene and arrested Bruce Taylor, 40, for criminal possession of a weapon as well as harassment and menacing. Upon searching Taylor they found an undisclosed amount of marijuana on his person, leading to an additional charge of unlawful possession. Taylor was accused of shouting at and threatening a man with the box cutter inside the bathroom and attempting to prevent him from leaving by blocking the door.

Reports of incidents involving aggressive panhandlers such as Taylor, who scream, curse, shout or even threaten both merchants and shoppers along Beach 116 Street, are not uncommon.

According to residents and merchants, panhandling along the street has seen a steep increase as of late. Much of their renewed anger and opposition towards those panhandlers is aimed at the new owner and operator of the Rockaway Park Hotel and a nearby halfway house at 154 Beach 114 Street. It’s the residents of these properties, some locals say, who can often be seen roaming the streets aggressively begging and harassing anyone in their path.

The Rockaway Park Hotel on Beach 116 Street is a home for people who attend “programs,” owner and operator Jay Deutchman has said in the past. Many of the panhandlers along the commercial strip, when asked, claim to be residents at either of the two properties.

“Everyone is scared. The merchants are scared to fight back,” Democratic District Leader Lew M. Simon said this week. “This is not your average typical thing in the community. If we thought the old Rockaway Park Hotel was dangerous before, well then, this takes the cake. It’s very sad that a man like this can sock it to a community and nothing can be done about it.”

Jay Deutchman says he’s never heard of any incidents at the hotel including that of Taylor’s alleged offense on June 7. According to local police sources, since the Rockaway Park Hotel reopened last September, the 100 Precinct has made three arrests which consisted of charges that include grand larceny, criminal possession of a controlled substance and resisting arrest. In addition to the arrests the precinct has reportedly filed eight incident reports of criminal activity at the property’s address that range from robbery, petit larceny, menacing, assault and harassment. In total, 47 calls to the 911 system have been made requesting police assistance at the location.

“I haven’t heard about it.” Deutchman said this week. “If the incident did happen, I am sure the person was discharged from the program.”

He failed to confirm, however, if Taylor was actually evicted from the property.

Residents and Beach 116 Street merchants who feel enough is enough showed up at this month’s Community Board 14 meeting in hopes that something can be done. However, many fear retribution for publicly speaking out against the property and its inhabitants.

The president of the Chamber of Commerce of the Rockaways, John Lepore, sent a letter on behalf of the merchants addressing the issue. He spoke to The Wave this week and says the panhandling along Beach 116 Street is as bad as he’s ever seen.

“The situation has intensified with residents hanging out on Beach 116 Street on a constant basis, disrupting both foot and auto traffic,” Lepore said in a letter to Community Board 14. “We have been told that the residents [of the Rockaway Park Hotel] have caused problems for both merchants and their patrons.”

In addition to the criminal activity, quality of life complaints swarm the hotel as well. In one instance, there were complaints of men walking naked in front of the hotel windows which are across the street from a pizzeria and ice cream shop. Since then, that problem has been resolved with sheets of plastic placed on the windows in lieu of curtains.

According to testimony by Community Board members, the residents can be seen sitting on the median of Beach 116 Street for hours at a time, just loitering and blocking vehicles from parking at the adjacent spots.

It was agreed upon by Community Board 14 at this month’s meeting to send intervention request letters to any and all city or state agencies responsible for the funding or oversight of Deutchman’s Rockaway properties.

Simon says he didn’t believe a word Deutchman said during a meeting with community representatives prior to moving into the neighborhood. He promised private security and ensured quality of life and public safety to be properly maintained.

“We had no control of what he planned on doing. It was like talking to a wall,” Simon said. “I don’t know what we could do anymore.”

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How can we have any faith in

How can we have any faith in an elected leader whose response is, "I don't know what we can do anymore."...is unacceptable!! You were put there to figure it out, sooooo...figure it out!!

March 18, 2011 Dear Mr.

March 18, 2011 Dear Mr. Briano, Thank you for your astute report on this sad situation. I have recently lent my voice to this issue in a letter to former Congressman Weiner and would like to add it to the record (BELOW) in the WAVE. I might add I never received even the courtesy of an acknowledgement. Thanks, Tom Osborne Hon. Congressman Anthony Wiener 1122 Longworth HOB Washington, D.C. 20515 Dear Congressman Wiener, Thank you for your service in the 9th District as our congressman. As a journalist covering the northeast U.S. for ABC news for over 20 years , and as a constituent, I have admired your dedication to issues that are of concern to New Yorkers. I have especially admired your long-time dedication as a councilman and a congressman to quality of life concerns. You have been a leader in restoring historic neighborhoods and saving them from the blight of misguided development. This is why I turn to you for your help on a matter of urgency. I am a resident on Beach 114th st. in the historic house that is home to the D Piper Inn, a house which has served as an inn for over a century, and still does to this day. It is a wonderful example of what can be done to bring our historic neighborhoods back. What this city has located next door to it is a terribly misguided project and development trend for this once beautiful street. It is a slap in the face of those who are working so hard to bring the street back to its days of glory. Thus, I have enjoined the concern and cause of MS. L. KOWALSKY, the author of the letter enclosed, “The Rockaway Renaissance is over,” which describes a situation in which a historic Rockaway Beach neighborhood, on the rise, is being thwarted. The letters and pleas of MS. KOWALSKY as those of other plaintiffs to the responsible parties mentioned have sadly fallen on deaf ears. Thus, I am turning to you for help in reversing the decision to locate in this historic setting a residence of this kind. I am asking that you contact those involved in this decision and use your good offices to reverse it. Continued: Page Two Page Two: Osborne It is sadly ironic as I read today of the announcement of the ambitious plans of “Vision 2020” for Rockaway’s waterfront. I’m only half a block off the boardwalk so I believe we should be part of that vision. Thank you for your consideration and for your service. Sincerely, W. Thomas Osborne, Jr. 158 Beach 114th St. Rockaway Park NY 11694 cc: Hon. Amanda Burden Chairwoman New York City Planning Commission 22 Reade Street New York, NY 10007-1216

Rockaway Beach Leaders say:

Rockaway Beach Leaders say: "we don't know what we can do anymore"(??????) I think it is time for house cleaning. Throw all the local 'Leaders' out. We need "leaders", that can 'lead'!!! The two buildings in question are massive money makers-the owners should be be made to spend there own money. Nether of these buildings are being used in compliance to there Certificates Of Occupancy's. (do they charge two separate rents, IE. double bunking, for the same Unit??) Is there a 'Charter' filed to allow them to rent to only persons with certain State benefits?? Leaders should 'Lead'

The Park Hotel is like an

The Park Hotel is like an aneurism at the heart of the Rockaways. The inhabitants consistently harass citizens going about their business, and are the source of urban rot in the area. There is no denying this is a fact, the only question would be why is there such a festering carbuncle of a facility is sitting at what should be an uplifting focal point for the Rockaway community is beyond me. The Park Hotel suppresses business, tourism, and any positive thing you might conjure.

116th Street reminds me of times square prior to it's revamp in the 80's. It took the will of a genuine leader to get the ball rolling on that. We need one here too.

Think of what Rockaway has lost. There used to be a theater on 116th Street, a diner, pet store, restaurants, with even more shops and outlets. Now it has degrading into a collection of abandoned store fronts, SROs, "dollar" stores and worse. It is time for them to go and if our "leaders" must go first then I think it is long overdue that they step aside for those who would have the political will and sense of community to do something about this.

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