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Invasion Of Our Beaches

Dear Editor,

I really do not even know where to begin with writing this letter. I know that when some people read this though they will call me names like bigot, racist and things of the sort. However the word I would use to describe what I am writing is realist …

What took place on our beaches, boardwalk, streets and public transportation in Rockaway on Thursday, June 9, 2011 was absolutely disgusting. Disgust is the only word I can use to describe this. Rockaway was invaded by what we local’s call DFDs (Down for the Day) who have absolutely no respect for our beaches, our property and even worse for human life. People who live in the neighborhood were afraid to head down to the beaches and boardwalk on Thursday because of the MOBS of animals and savages on the beach drinking openly, smoking pot openly and carrying weapons.

Rival gangs getting into altercations with each other on 116th which is nothing new but with temperatures near 100 degrees and Brooklyn/Queens day the horde of uncivilized peo- ple increased as they swarmed to the beach.

I had to work overnight this evening, and had to take the Shuttle Train to the A train to get to Manhattan at 7 p.m. this evening, which to begin with is an absolute nightmare taking over an hour at times to get to the city with the only police presence on the train being from 116th Street to Broad Channel.

On Thursday I went to the Beach 90 Street station to find mobs/hordes of people on the stairs leading to inside the station, inside the station itself and on the platform. Their was an 8- car shuttle train at the stop that was being held for what the MTA was saying was “signal problems” but actually turned out to be a shooting at the Howard Beach station.

In the station I witnessed numerous people drinking beer, smoking pot and jumping the turnstyle and walking right through the exit door into the station. I was able to fight my way through a mob of savages and was able to get a “spot” in the first car of the train.

While onboard the train a group of people were arguing with each other and almost led to a fight, and another group decided to play soccer on the train. I got hit hard with a soccer ball a total of 17 times between Beach 90 Street and Howard Beach station.

I finally arrived at the Howard Beach A train station to an Army of NYPD officers (due to the shooting) and not a single officer on the A train itself. I made a decision for my own safety and after it taking me 1 hour and 20 minutes to travel from Beach 90 Street to Howard Beach to get off the train and take the JFK Airport AirTrain from Howard Beach to Jamaica Station, for $10, and then take the LIRR from Jamaica Station to Penn Station for another $6.25. In total for me to get to Penn Station from Rockaway it took me 2 hours and 10 minutes and cost me $18.50.

I felt unsafe and actually feared for my safety and security on the train this day and there was not a single police presence on the train between Rockaway and Howard Beach. The City needs to start focusing on these uncivilized savages that come to our beaches and litter, drink, smoke pot, fight and bring weapons.

Rudy Giuliani changed this city for the better by focusing on Quality of Life issues like loitering, pan handling, etc, the city needs to start focusing on these issues on the beach. Tickets need to be distributed to these people for littering, smoking pot, drinking and maybe while this is being done you will find weapons and prevent problems from happening before they occur.

Let’s not forget either that the current NYPD academy classes keep getting postponed and there are currently about 5,000 less police on the street than there were at 9/11.

Our WONDERFUL asinine Mayor Bloomberg is going to tell you that crime numbers are down across the city, we are the largest safe city in the country, etc.

Well on Thursday you had a shooting in Howard Beach, a near riot on 116th, 5 people shot on Brighton Beach, one fatally and a subway system that people are terrified to ride on. Can you imagine being a tourist from Europe and being directed to the A train station at JFK and seeing this fiasco???

Something needs to be done about this, and needs to be done about it quick. This City is turning back into what it was in the late ’80’s early ’90’s which is absolutely disgusting. I choose to live in Rockaway to enjoy the community, enjoy the beach but we can’t do that with these uncivilized savages coming down here and making us fear for our safety and trashing our neighborhood. It is amazing to watch two people urinating between cars on Beach 92 Street between Shorefront Parkway and Holland Avenue.

How many people have to be hurt before the city does something about this?


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