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Saddened And Discouraged By ‘Weinergate’

The Wave has supported Congressman Anthony Weiner in his past elections because we believed in him, that he was one politician who knew what he wanted and told the plain truth. Like many other constituents, we are now saddened and discouraged by Weiner’s admission that he had Blackberry sex with several women, even at the time he was beginning married life. When the news of his long-range peccadilloes first broke on a right wing blog, we, like many others, dismissed the report. “He couldn’t be that stupid,” we thought. When he said that his Twitter account was compromised, we agreed that must be the reason, arguing that the new media has dangers as well as benefits. Then, as he gave his tearful news conference on Monday afternoon, we stood transfixed, watching one of our favorite local politicians disintegrate in front of our eyes. It was not pretty. Should Weiner resign over his sexting activities? We don’t think so. There are many politicians, some local, who are under investigation for abusing their office for personal profit. What Weiner did, while reprehensible, does not rise to the level necessary for censure and impeachment. He made a grave error in judgment. After some prevarication, he made amends to his constituents on national television. He could do no more. Let him continue to serve those constituents with renewed vigor and prove his worth as a legislator.

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Does the Wave editorial board

Does the Wave editorial board really believe that Anthony Weiner is still able to represent our 9th congressional district? Will anyone on Capitol Hill take Weiner seriously? Will anyone believe anything he says after he lied repeatedly? I think Weiner will be totally ineffectual as our representative & we deserve better.He should act honorably & resign. Dr.F.Pacifico

The editors state that Mr.

The editors state that Mr. Weiner made a grave error in judgment and that he made amends to his constituents on national television and that he could do no more. The editors would have him continue to serve those constituents that he lied to with renewed vigor and to prove his worth as a legislator. I believe that he could have done more, perhaps not disrespecting women to begin with. From the beginning, he could have told the truth before he was caught lying. He believes that all he has to do is cry and then all will be forgiven and forgotten. Perhaps, he is correct, some polls state that he still has 56% approval. My question is how can Mr. Weiner ever be believed in the future; especialy, since he was able to lie so easily and to blame everyone but himself until he was caught. Mr. Weiner's staff went so far as to have CBS reporter, Marsha Kramer thrown out of his Washinton office and threatened with arrest for asking questions that Mr. Weiner could have answered honestly from the beginning. How can we teach out children to tell the truth but then turn around and teach them to elect politicians that lie. Is electing a democrat to office more important than electing an honest individual to office. Is it so difficult to expect that an elected official treat everyone with respect and for him or her to be expected to tell the truth, even if that truth is difficult. As of today, Mr. Weiner will take time off so that he will be able to engage in therapy for his sexual addiction. Again we are expected to forgive Mr. Weiner because it wasn't really his fault because he has a sexual addiction problem which includes showing his nude body to whomever is willing to view the photos. Give me a break. People who elected him and who will elect him again in 2012 should look in the mirror when they choose to accept his lame excuses.

Sad, what are we

Sad, what are we becoming? Hippocrates! Putting us in a position to be blackmailed. Hence, what our reps vote for can't be trusted.

The issue of Weiner

The issue of Weiner resigning, has nothing to do with his constituents. While some polls have his district supporting him, I'd say the real number is much less encouraging. Also, from here till the next election, Weiner will serve as a pivot point for GOP attacks against all democrats using the broad corruption brush. NYC has already had the corrupt Charlie Rangel reelected, but to what good? Charlie now has no pull in Washington, either from his fellow dems or the political establishment. As a representative, he is a liability and Weiner will be too.

Weiner has broken his trust with the people he serves, for when he lied, he lied to everyone, his constituents included. He brought disgrace on the house of representatives and is now a major political liability for the democrat party. I--for one--am ashamed this is my representative.

Weiner has to go. For the good of the people he represents, the office he holds and the party he claims to be part of. To remain simply confirms his inability to truly take genuine "responsibility" for his actions, reinforcing the charge that he is above consequences for what can only be described as a career ending blunder based on his own narcissism, hubris and calumny.

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