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Misinformed Ideas About Republicans

Dear Editor,

I see that we will continue to have this public discussion of what Republicans are about and what we are advocating for. With so many misinformed ideas out there I have no qualms about disabusing fellow citizens of their misguided notions. Mr. Feldman must have drunk three espresso coffees and watched too many MSNBC cable programs when he wrote in about “fear mongering Republicans.” I have never read so many left wing talking points per column-inch!

OK, here goes:

Republicans do not propose to “end” Medicare, Medicaid or Education. Period. Make them more fiscally ac- countable and sound: YES. Republicans do not “dislike” environmental protection acts. We dislike over-regulation at the expense of common sense. By the way, it was President Nixon who started the Environmental Protection Agency. Republicans are not “stealing” rights from teachers, they are proposing local changes to unfunded public employee pension liabilities before the states are forced into bankruptcy. Look up California under IOUs as employee payment.

Republicans are not against taxation at all. We simply realize that you can only tax the populace to a certain extent before those being taxed begin to realize that business and commerce are better served elsewhere or not at all. Look up net business migration out of New York State over the past decade. This is still a free country and a capitalist system like it or not.

You mention: “Trillion dollar tax breaks to the wealthiest,” I wonder if you are talking about the idea that American business (the economic engine of our economy) should be taxed less to be competitive? Behind those tax breaks are millions of small business owners willing to employ Americans!

Our businesses are already among the highest taxed in the world, second only to Japan. Aren’t you wondering why we still don’t have robust jobs growth three years after the economic meltdown? I have yet to read an economist state that increased taxation is a prescription for business growth in an inflationary environment.

For some reason, the Left in America believe that the Government is the source of all jobs when in fact it is the duty of our federal government to foster the growth of free markets and businesses in order to produce jobs. Again, ours is not a socialist system where the government “makes” jobs and a collective controls the means of production, supply and distribution. Mr. Feldman states that going back to Eisenhower era tax rates is a good idea. What worked then won’t necessarily work now. We have twice the population today, our manufacturing base is a fraction of what it was then, the BRIC nations (Brasil, Russia, India and China) were not nearly as competitive and the national debt was about 275 billion, not 14.3 trillion, as it is today.

He states that we should end the “wars for oil.” I wonder how it is that I’m paying $4.50 per gallon of gas if we are only in it for the oil. I would also suggest that he ask President Obama about our involvement in Egypt and Libya during his watch. What exactly is he supporting? Oil fields, dictators or the unknown extremists who may step into that vacuum? I’m not even sure of the answer there.

He suggests “nationalizing” oil companies. I would remind him again that this country is not based on that economic philosophy. Isn’t that what Dictator Chavez did in Venezuela? Why not put that on the Democratic party platform for next year and put it to a vote?

Finally, Republicans are not against immigration. We are against uncontrolled border policy which puts Americans in danger. We are for an orderly immigration policy. One which works for both sides and minimizes the exploitation of immigrants.

I thought we learned that much from the harsh experiences of previous generations?


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