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Simon Not Truthful

Dear Editor,

I’m writing to respond to the letter written by Lew Simon, Democratic District Leader, 23rd A.D. Part B, featured in the May 6, 2011 issue of your newspaper.

In the aforementioned letter Mr. Simon responds to my Op-Editorial featured in The Wave on Friday, April 29, 2011. My editorial admonished Mr. Simon for his shameless betrayal of Dayton Beach Park Shareholders, in his never-ending quest for political attention in the Rockaways. One would think after reading such an editorial, Mr. Simon would have the decency to own up to his mistakes in running down with his tired bullhorn heading up a rally against the residents to pander to the large and powerful Local 32BJ SEIU. Any decent person, much less someone who claims to be a political representative, would give reverence to the constituents they claim to represent and help stop not FORCE Dayton Beach residents into the 7th, 8th and 9th rent hike they’ve faced in less than ten years. And then there’s Lew Simon.

In true “Rockaway’s Resident Ambulance Chaser” fashion, Mr. Simon responds with half-truths and plenty of toots of his own horn. To refute the defamatory allegations launched against me and others in Mr. Simon’s letter, please be advised:

At no time did Mr. Simon EVER broker any settlement or reduction of monies owed by Dayton Beach with the New York City Department of Environmental Protection for three years of past due water bills left by Dayton Beach’s prior Board and management. It was the majority of Dayton Beach’s then newly constituted Board of Directors, working in partnership with NYC DEP, Dayton Beach’s managing agent Wentworth, our corporate counsel and Wachovia Bank (now Wells Fargo) who helped settle Dayton Beach’s massive debt.

This was all reported and published with evidence of the resolution from the parties involved nearly two years ago.

Today, Mr. Simon pathetically attempts to rewrite history. Mr. Simon was not asked for help nor did he help. What he did do was stop me repeatedly in our local Waldbaum’s grocery store asking for a special meeting of Dayton Beach Shareholders so he could claim all of the credit in the resolution of the water bill debt to forward his City Council campaign. A request, I flatly refused and which has resulted in my continued harassment by Mr. Simon since.

Further, BY LAW the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development is required to hold a rent increase hearing each time it receives an application from an NYC HPD supervised development. This fact is easily researched. For Mr. Simon to take the credit for this only proves how deceitful he is. NYC HPD does not propose rent increases for the housing developments it supervises, it responds to requests it receives based on a development’s financial state.

Like the request made by Dayton Beach’s former Board of Directors.

The same Board who thought asking for a new series of maintenance increases would cover up the fact that they didn’t bother to pay Dayton Beach’s water bills (or many of its other bills, for that matter). The same former Board Members, Mr. Simon was rallying alongside with the powerful Local 32BJ SEIU just a few short weeks ago.

Mr. Simon fails to mention he is one of the leaders of this disgruntled former Board Member group and has helped them cause complete chaos against the Dayton Beach residents for two years.

These are the people who were removed from Dayton Beach’s Board repeatedly by the Shareholder/Residents for violations of the co-op’s bylaws. In margins of at least two to one, sometimes even THREE to ONE, Shareholders have ousted this group to get them out of the cooperative’s business affairs. Speaking loud and clear they’ve proved they have had enough of being victims and are serious about protecting their homes. Clearly, Mr. Simon doesn’t respect that.

Finally, to address Mr. Simon’s false outrageous claims accusing me of misappropriation of Dayton Beach funds: Dayton Beach’s financials are not only audited every year, they are scrutinized regularly by NYC HPD, its mortgage lender under the terms of its mortgage agreement AND by NYC investigative agencies. No spending, much less cash, can be paid to anyone at any time for any service. Dayton Beach has never employed “Lawn Doctor. “Check the facts, consider the source. Dayton Beach does not have any “roll off containers.”

Again, check the facts and consider the source. Dayton Beach purchased ONE truck to replace the service of its nearly 20-year-old truck, and had to go through an extensive approval process from the city to do so. I’d think the city would catch any Dayton Beach property that wasn’t registered to the corporation.

With the Board’s approval, I’d gladly welcome the editors of The Wave to view every contract, Mr. Simon claims Dayton Beach doesn’t have, read every Board Resolution authorizing its purchases, and view its audited financials. Unlike Mr. Simon’s phony educational credentials exposed by The Wave, I can provide documented evidence of Dayton Beach’s business affairs. In his closing remark, Mr. Simon claims not to have seen me championing around the state for Mitchell Lama as he claims he has. I, choose to follow the morals I was raised with and practice my charity, advocacy and respect at home in Dayton Beach Park. For me, this is not about a political office, or a photo op.

This is not a game.

We live in Dayton Beach. Its preservation is not a political pawn for Mr. Simon’s use.

If I didn’t make it clear in my editorial, I won’t be backing down to these repeated attempts to bring Dayton Beach down again. If Mr. Simon thinks his web of self inflated lies and campaigning will change that, he can think again. It won’t work.


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