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Fear Mongering Republicans

Dear Editor,

Once again your ‘Rockaway Irregular’ has eloquently brought forth his fear mongering on the pages of The Wave. Why do he and his fellow progenitors of panic, Rudy Giuliani and Peter King, always seem to relish reminding us of the impending end of our beloved way of life? Then, as if riding to the rescue, they clarify how we can be saved by simply ending Medicare, and Social Security, and public education. If we would only relinquish the social programs that have raised our standard of living, our futures in this great country would be safeguarded; as if we lived in some poor third world nation that could not afford clean water and clean air.

This is a superbly affluent country, capable of affording a civilized life for all of its citizens. Want clean air? Start by ending subsidies to oil oligarchies. Then subsidize wind and solar, as do the Germans, the Chinese, the Dutch, the Spanish and the French. Given Republicans’ dislike of Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, one wonders, what do THEY breathe?

Want a decent public school system like that of Singapore, Korea and Finland? Stop stealing away rights from kindergarten teachers and destroying their pensions. Instead ask the wealthiest 1 percent, those who earn 24 percent of all the income in one year’s time, to pay their fair share.

Worried about the deficit? Stop giving trillion dollar tax breaks to the wealthiest, those who surely do not need them, and then strangling the middle class in order to fill the deficit hole you just dug?

Want Medicare that is not underfunded, Social Security that is guaranteed and the same health plan as your Senator and Congressman? Yes, you do! Extend the payroll tax to all incomes; that earned by a middle class person and a wealthy citizen alike. Stop letting the person who earns a living from dividends live at better tax rates than the person who works the nine to five job. Go back to Eisenhower era tax rates for the super-wealthy. Now, THERE was an era of 5 percent unemployment and 6 percent growth!

Want affordable college for your kids instead of saddling them with life crushing student loans? End these trillion dollar wars for oil; wars we fight to uphold dictators in places that no longer even want us around. Re-direct that money instead into college scholarships.

Worried about lack of jobs? Giving tax breaks to billionaires won’t create them. Fortune 500 companies are already holding nearly 1.5 trillion dollars in their bank accounts. Think more tax breaks will make them suddenly decide to spend the money they’re hoarding? Instead, increase taxes on their short-term profits. Now, they can either invest it for the long term and hire people, or simply lose it. They’ll invest.

Worried about jobs heading overseas? Tax companies more if they move their factories overseas. Further tax them, if they are headquartered in that building in the Cayman Islands wherein 18,000 of them are holed up. End corporate welfare.

Worried about gas prices skyrocketing? Put in a windfall profits tax on the oil monopolies, immediately. If, in retaliation, they constrict supply, nationalize them. Energy IS national security.

Worried about immigration? Deal with it. My grandparents were immigrants, and so, most likely, were yours. We are all children of immigrants – except the few Native Americans amongst us. Immigrants locking out immigrants is hypocrisy of the worst order and inexcusable. Don’t buy from, or deal with, firms in Arizona. My great-uncles told me of that phrase, “Ihre Papiere, bitte (Your papers, please)?”

Lastly, stop listening to these fear peddlers, whose only way of remaining in office, or getting your attention, is to tell you that WE can no longer afford clean water, clean air, public school, college for the many, guaranteed health insurance, Social Security, or anything else which THEY object to being taxed for. They call it Socialism, class warfare, and evil. You know better.


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Ira, Your letter is all over


Your letter is all over the place.

Are you seriously going to compare the Nazi occupation of Europe to Arizona's attempt to stem it's serious border invasion problem. Really? Your progenitors were, by-and-large, legal. The droves of Mexicans flooding the system in Arizona are not. How do you not get that? Do you offer a solution? No, you simply imply those who move to do something to protect American borders are fascist. Real class, honoring those who where actually victims of that regime in such a cavalier way.

Fear Mongering? Again--Really? American government HAS to get it's house in order. Expanding entitlements, raising the dept ceiling, cap and trade along with the forthcoming disaster that "Obamacare" will inevitably bring, can only bode badly for America. Clearly, you've drank deeply from the Koolaid, and buy into the "hope & change" of the last few years of democrat rule. Yet, if you look objectively, you'll see that Obama's congress, along with his administration have run up debt to unrivaled levels. The American dollar is loosing value (a fact), inflation is escalating at an insane level (checked the pumps lately), and the core problems facing Americans goes unaddressed yet again.

You're insulated in NYC. Wrapped in a liberal democrat perspective I can only characterize as "fact blindness". Outside of these insulated liberal enclaves, America's not too impressed with the goings on in Washington. On the borders, where the illegal immigration issue can be seen from just out their window, your take on the problem would be laughable if wasn't at such huge human and economic costs.

Like most liberals, you claim America is affluent, we can afford to shoulder these incursions. I put it to you that America is not half as "affluent" as you think and if we don't downsize government's expenditures, address border security, we'll be as solvent as Greece before you know it and that is a fact you can take to the bank(if it is still there).

Finally, your tax break for the wealthiest just smacks of more liberal class warfare boilerplate. America's corporate tax rate is the highest in the western world sitting at 35%. Canada has it set at 15%. They're open for business--we're not. Americans who earn are taxed up the proverbial wha-zoo. Taxes depress the economy and all those odious corporations you fear more than illegal immigrants, employ less people, those people they employ are regular Americans. Talk about not looking into your rhetoric one step further. No, America cannot tax itself out of this anymore than an astronaut can propel himself to the moon via pulling his bootstraps. All your missive provided was a rundown of democrat talking points, thanks for the update, but I would have preferred getting them from Journolist--directly---if I was genuinely interested.

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