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Charges Were Dismissed

Dear Editor,

You would think a journalist or the editor of a newspaper would be familiar with the definition of the word “absolved. “Apparently not, or it would not have been used in the title of an article announcing that the charges against Bro. Tom Trager were DISMISSED!!! Since you apparently don’t know the definition, I will post it here: Absolve: 1) to set free from an obligation or the consequences of guilt. 2) To pardon or remit (a sin).

Your title suggests that Bro. Tom was forgiven for a sin. However, that was not the case. After a thorough investigation lasting 6 months, there were no grounds to proceed in charging Bro. Tom with a crime because there was absolutely no evidence to sustain a finding of a crime committed, so therefore the charges were DISMISSED!!!

We, who know Bro. Tom, knew all along that would be the outcome. It’s just a shame that St. John’s had to manage without him for 6 months (no small feat) and he had to leave the place he loved and where he lived and worked for over 40 years, in which, by the way, there had never been any previous such allegations made against him.


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Bro. Tom knows he is guilty.

Bro. Tom knows he is guilty. He, his victims, and God knows he is guilty. No one wanted to challenge him. Years ago, when someone I love dearly reported him was labeled insane and put on disability and lost her job. When I mention this article to her today, she gets frightened to death and afraid her identify will be revealed.

This is nothing but

This is nothing but slanderous hearsay. A very public investigation was made. No other "victim" came forward to corroborate the first claim, even with the DA's office digging for it. I would put this comment next to the Catholic Bashing Rev. Hoatson, who simply attacked Br. Trager without a scintilla of evidence beyond the claim by the "victim". Sounds as if your friend lost her job and has an axe to grind. Very dependable source of information that. If the DA's office had something to get Br. Trager on, they'd have got him. I only hope they go after slanderers as aggressively.

The drumbeat of Catholic

The drumbeat of Catholic bashing is a tough one to stem. Brother Tom's travails seem to be another example of someone throwing a accusation up against the wall to see if it sticks. The media is more than happy to castigate Bro. Tom at the time, yet is without a balanced update when the allegations turn out to be fiction. The Church has striven to right itself in the face of past scandals. It has made reparations and taken a marked beating at the hands of the secular media. No doubt this has been difficult and harrowing for the good brother. His response has been consistent with Catholic teaching--praying for the forgiveness of his accuser. At this point he may have to extend that prayer--to the news media--for bearing false witness, for today, to be accused of such a deed, is nearly tantamount to have been caught red-handed doing it. Kudos to the Wave for printing this letter, though I doubt the truth of this falsehood managed to get to many other news venues as "Brother Tom Innocent of Charges" does not sell newspapers, or comport with an anti-Catholic agenda.

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