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Kids Korner: The Golden Goalie

By Ryan Schwach Sixth Grade, Scholars’Academy

“I made it, I made it!” Roy Mullen shouted to his parents. One week ago, he had tried out for the District 4 Seawolves state hockey team.

“Wonderful son,” his mother replied.

“Can I go tell Sven?” Roy asked.

“O.K.” his Mom said.

Sven Baginski, Roy’s best friend, had moved to New York from the Czech Republic two years ago. He and Roy had been best friends ever since. Sven had gotten his letter that he made the team two days ago.

Roy rang the bell. Sven’s older brother, Ivo, answered the door. He had earphones in his ears.

“I suppose you want Sven?” he asked.

“Yes!” Roy said anxiously.

Sven came to the door. Roy showed him the letter and had an excited look on his face.

“You made it!” Sven said.

“Yeah! Roy replied.

“Awesome, come in.”

Roy walked into Sven’s home which was a common suburban American home. There was hockey memorabilia all over the place.

“Hey … want to play 2K-eleven?” Sven asked.


They went to Sven’s room where he turned on the Wii. They started to play Hockey 2K-eleven, the New York Rangers versus the Czech Republic team.

The next day the boys were playing in the alley between Bob’s Furniture Store and Ry’s Pizza place. Every day after school, the boys did their homework at Roy’s house, they roller skated to the alley to play hockey. Usually they went for pizza afterward.

But this wasn’t a usual day. Roy plays goalie and Sven shot the hockey puck at him. Just as Sven was about to take his next shot, a rocket puck whizzed by him and into the net behind Roy. He looked where it came from, and it was John Menda. He was a bully but an excellent hockey player.

“Hey Seatwirps, I heard you losers made the team,” John said with a smirk on his face.

“We did and Roy here could stop you with his hands tied behind his back,” Sven said, frustrated.

“Bet you couldn’t get past regions,” John said.

“Bet we could win state championships,” Roy said abruptly.

“Huh?” Sven and John said at the same time.

“Yah,” Roy said.

And without a word John went away and Sven and Roy went in for pizza.

Three weeks later, the Seawolves were competing in the regions final versus the District 7 Bumblebees. Roy’s second start in goal. It was 2-2 in the third period, Roy glanced at the clock, 2:30 remaining. A puck flew at him, he stopped it with ease.

He looked again, 1:20 remaining. The next time he looked it was silently ticking 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 . . . Then suddenly a red light went on, his team scored, they were going to the state playoffs.

“Cheers, to the best hockey players in the world,” family members yelled.

The Baginskis and the Mullens were having dinner to celebrate the Seawolves making the state championships. Just as they were about to start the main course, the phone rang, Roy answered it.

“Hey coach,” Roy said.

“Hello Roy, I got good and bad news,” his coach answered.

“The bad news first,” Roy said

“OK, the starter Jo Puqarelli is injured, but the good news is you’re starting tomorrow, see ya!” his coach said hanging up the phone.

Roy walked in and told his family the news; they were surprised but not as much as he was.

“And the land of the free, and the home of the brave,” they sang before the game. The District One Hypers versus the District Four Seawolves, state championships in the first period the Hypers exploded with four goals. In the locker room, Roy heard assorted whispers.

“C’mon Roy” or “It’s Mullen’s fault we’re in this mess.”

Roy tried to zone them out but it was hard. He just couldn’t lose the state championships for his team. The second period started but Roy stood his ground and didn’t let anyone score, and luckily the Seawolves scored one.

Third period, two minutes in and the Seawolves scored. 4-2 was the score but still down by two. A two on one came up on Roy, he leaped to the side and made the save. He looked at the clock, nine minutes left, four more minutes passed. Then with five minutes left, Billy Riker scored and they were only down by one. But time kept ticking. At the thirty second mark Aiden Jaclare took a slapshot from the blue line and scored. Time ran out and the teams went to overtime. Boom!

The puck hit the ice to start overtime. Four minutes passed and Aiden took a shot but it hit John Menda’s leg and he skated on to a breakaway. Roy had to save it or he was done for.

This part of the story is from the announcer’s point of view . . .

“Menda on a breakaway … he fakes to the side, Mullen follows him … Menda goes the other way and shoots ... and it hits off Mullen’s skate. Oh, what a save … he passes it to Bob Fleeve and he passes it down the ice to Baginski… Baginski one defender to beat he shoots HE SCORES! And the Seawolves are state champions and they crowd the crease they’ve won it!”

It was amazing, they won the state championships. The Governor came out with the trophy and handed it to Roy! He skated around with it and passed it to Sven. They exchanged smiles and he knew life was going to be a lot different from now on.

(This is the first of a series of articles featuring youngsters who are writing about sports. If your child is interested in submitting an article, email it to sports@rockawave.com and editor@rockawave.com.)

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