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’Tis The Season To Be Jolly
By Dr. Nancy Gahles


The only time I ever hear that word is in reference to good ol’ St. Nick. That jolly fellow who is cheerfully festive and whose attitude we try to emulate throughout the season of Christmas.

This may set up an impossible standard as we stress over holiday preparations, purchasing of gifts, relatives and relationships, expectations to meet … OY VEY! As we say, recently emerging from the festival of lights of Hanukkah.

The miracle of light also set expectations for us. To believe. Miracles are possible. Miracles happen every day. Miracles happen every nano-second within these exquisite bodies of ours and within our eternal souls.

Jolly carries the connotation that we are in good spirits. It is entirely possible to be cheerful, convivial, joyous and, yes, plain old happy. With each passing moment we can choose thoughts that evoke pleasure. We can picture a time, place, person or thing that brings good cheer to our minds. Experiencing that feeling will put a smile on our face, triggering a cascade of endorphins, the “feel good’ chemical in our cells, and there you are ... jolly!

It is not unrealistic to carry that feeling through your day and into your work or home life. It is a state of mind that you create. It is a garden of thoughts that you cultivate. It is a crop that you reap the benefits of when you radiate that feeling of joyousness to others. You can literally light up a room! That’s a miracle of light.

Generating the light from within is as easy as breathing in, filling yourself with the breath, and exhaling. Yes. Another miracle. The power of the breath. There were no mistakes made in the construction of this body of ours. It is a miraculous machine that incorporates physical, mental, emotional and spiritual faculties to ensure survival. The breath is designed to carry you through each second with the full benefits of Life. A life well lived is one that is composed of all the notes of joy and cheer. The merriment that accompanies a laugh shared between friends, that is Life. The soft shared whisper of pleasure between lovers, that is Life. The kind word spoken in compassion to another, that is Life.

All of these acts emanating from the first breath are gifts of the heart. They spread the light that we are all focused on this season. So, it’s Love after all that makes us merry. That oft referred to “twinkle in the eye”; it must be the reflection back of Love’s light within. That is a gift, isn’t it? It is an affirmation that someone sees the light within you and acknowledges it. The word Namaste is used in this way in Hindu as an acknowledgment of the GodLight within. It means I bow to you. I get you. That word, that greeting, that gesture of acknowledgment, can easily put one in good spirits.

’Tis the season to be jolly. Keep that in the forefront of your mind as you go through these days. Give a gift every day to yourself first. Wake up, set the tone by breathing in peace and exhaling peace. Breathe in joy and exhale joy. Be of good cheer. Shine your light. Be merry! Should you find yourself taking a dip in spirits, act as if. Return to your breath and create a cheerful brainscape. Then act as if that is your reality. Action follows thought. The miracle is that you can control your thoughts. You can choose any thought that makes you feel happy.

So, it’s true what St. Nick said. You will get all the gifts you asked for if you are good. Goodness is a state of mind that you create. Goodness begets goodness. And that puts us in good spirits!

May The Blessings Be!

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