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Not A Myth No More

Dear Editor,

Tornados in New York. Summer heat in late September. Deluge-like flooding in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Cities like New Orleans nearly destroyed by “natural” disaster. Killing droughts and wildfires in some places. Seas rising in others. Entire species being wiped off the face of the Earth.

Now for those people still babbling about climate change being a myth, a big ‘hoax’, well, they may want to start praying to heaven that global warming is indeed real. Because if isn’t, consider all this might just be the wrath of God, brought down by those who- for power, for greed and sheer ignorance- continue to spit in the face of Creation. Just a thought.


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Not on board with this one

Not on board with this one Dan. 10,000 years ago, over the very spot you wrote your missive, a glacier--a mile thick--laid. Without the benefit of mankind, the weather, always changing, but apparently warming, melted that vast sheet of ice. Just as the colder summers we've had a few years back doesn't prove much, either do these examples of extreme weather. As any scientist (Al Gore does not happen to be one) will tell you, coincidence is not causality. Politically, "global warming" has been the hue and cry of left-wing statist types, bent on levying carbon taxes on the populous. More taxes translates to more control of your life and more power for left-wing governments.

While it is presently unpopular to say so, the "global warming" argument is more than flawed, it is fictitious. With scandals like those of East Anglia University falsifying data, to similar collusion by NASA. We're having the proverbial wool pulled over our eyes. No thanks sez I.

Even Al Gore doesn't believe his own claptrap. Shortly after winning the Oscar for his dubious, fiction laden "documentary", he proceeded to by coastal property in the very location he said would end up flooded in his film's dire predictions. Top this off with the fact that he personally uses hundreds of times the energy the average American family does, in his mansion, SUV entourages and personal jet, and you've got either a guy who doesn't believe his own bill of goods or a world class hypocrite.

I--for one--don't want to pay a cent more to the coffers of big government unless it is truly needed. Presently our government taxes everything that breathes, moves, or otherwise exists. I can do without charging me for a unproven fiction that even it's most ardent supporter/creator denies via his actions every day. As a wiser man than I once stated, "Follow the money and your answers will be there."

I agree with Dan that we seem

I agree with Dan that we seem to be experiencing more extreme weather events these days. Although I tend to believe in a cosmic force of some sort, I am a skeptic of supernatural explanations for events. However, I'm still scratching my head that only one person died in the NYC tornado of September 2010. The storm hit during peak rush hour, with millions of people out traveling on the streets by foot or in cars. Hundreds of cars (and many roofs) were severely damaged by falling trees. Given the statistical chances, I think it's just plain eerie that there were NOT more human casualties. If you do believe in a God, this was a time to thank him or her!

Global warming yes. Wrath of

Global warming yes. Wrath of 'God'? Ummm. No.

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