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Commentary On Things Present

By Peter Stubben

Help, I need somebody;
Help, not just anybody;
Help, you know I need someone;
1965, the Beatles

President Obama and New York’s next governor both need Rockaway’s help ... yours and mine! They need ‘not just anybody’ but solid and stable and seasoned legislators elected by us to assist them as they restore our floundering Ships of State: to restore integrity to the balance sheet; prudence to spending; and, most especially, jobs for the willing and able.

Two professionals from Rockaway now challenge the establishment – the career politicians – to represent us in Albany and Washington. Robert Turner is running for United States Congress. He is a 40-year media executive, specifically a TV production executive. Dr. Harold Paez is running for State Assembly. He is a 16-year practicing podiatrist.

Presently, the young man who represents Rockaway in the US Congress is a left-wing ideologue whose principal concerns are trans-gender rights, amnesty for aliens and complete government control of health care (the ‘public option’). His secondary concerns are his own career ... you know, Congress, Mayor, Governor, and then who knows how far (in his own mind, of course). Respectfully, though, he has never held a day job. And then thirdly comes his district ... closing shop-fronts on Beach 116 Street, the worst-managed National Park in all America, and a bay still polluted daily by public authorities. He and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow – it seems to me – are like twin pods in a two-ton panel truck. They lumber forward ceaselessly like the creatures in “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers” blindly seeking aggrieved victims and then demanding government programs to subsidize them. He and Rachel Maddow believe wholeheartedly in the heavy hand of government, oblivious to the nation’s enormous prosperity driven by 200 years of limited self-government. Rockaway’s Bob Turner believes in the light touch, guidance rather than top-down regulation. The contest, it seems to me, is a two-fer ... if Rockaway re-elects our present Congressman we get Rachel Maddow too! If Rockaway elects Robert Turner, we get common sense too!

Here in NY State, Governor Paterson vetoed 6,737 bills this year. Can you believe that? Our Governor, a career Democrat, whose father likewise was a career Democrat, and who overlooks Democratic majorities in both state houses, had to reject over 6,700 pieces of legislation that reached his desk this year.

What are those Albany legislators thinking?

Oblivious to NY’s desperate financial crisis, these guys spent their time writing and passing laws and regulations to benefit their union lobbyists, their business lobbyists and their own not-forprofit ‘clubs’ back home. The legislation was so blatantly out-of touch that their own governor denied them over 6000 times!!! Our Albany reps are so divorced from New York’s social, financial and physiological realities that I sometimes think they’re ETs ... that’s right, extraterrestrials from beyond our own galaxy. If Albany held an NFL franchise they’d be called The Albany Aliens. If these Albany pols drank booze the way they spent taxpayer money, they’d be standing in Church basements at AA meetings across the state saying, “Yes, I am a degenerate taxer,” and “Yes, I mindlessly kowtow to my union lobbyists and to my business lobbyists,” and “Yes, I put the interests of the few ahead of the interests of the many.”

Dr. Harold Paez, fed up, seeks to unseat Rockaway’s ET Assemblywoman, a 23-year incumbent. Harold and his wife are raising a young family here in the Rockaways. Harold was born into an immigrant family and raised in an immigrant Brooklyn neighborhood. He saw first-hand the destructiveness (sometimes we call this the unintended consequences) of government interventionist and social programs ... programs that debased family structure; led to unwed mothers and teen pregnancy; and otherwise created a pallid torpor over the can-do spirit of American optimism leading to drugs and devalued scholarship in our public schools.

In Albany one of the greatest challenges facing the state is health ... the estimated $10 billion per year that is STOLEN and LOST each year in Medicaid through Albany’s graft, corruption and incompetence. Further, more complex mandates are coming from Washington. Who better than a health professional – a doctor who works daily with patients, insurance companies and the state – to advise our new Governor and Albany’s regulators?

Our dry-docked Ships of State need retrofitting and restoration to sail again on the Seven Seas. Who better than professionals taking their hard-earned skills to Washington and Albany to fix this mess!!! Thomas Jefferson envisioned citizen-legislators bringing their talents, skills, experience to the Legislature ... and then returning home.

‘Not Just Anybody’ the Beatles said. Please consider Bob Turner for US Congress and Harold Paez for State Assembly on November 2. Thank you ... PJS

This commentary is mine and mine only ... .

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