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Ground Zero No Place For A Mosque – And The Muslims Should Understand Why
Commentary By Howard Schwach

Let me say that I am opposed to the construction of a mosque or a Muslim community center, or whatever the developers want to call it.

And, despite what Mayor Bloomberg says, I am not a bigot for believing that it is the wrong building in the wrong place at the wrong time.

There are many who believe that the Muslim community is building a victory monument to terrorism on the very site where Muslim terrorists killed nearly 3,000 Americans who were doing nothing against Muslims other than being Americans.

I would agree, and I can’t understand why the “moderate” Muslims who are pushing the project do not understand how it looks, especially when the first announcement of the mosque came two days after a Muslim bomber tried to immolate lots of city residents who were doing nothing more than enjoying Times Square.

It is hard for a Jew, even one who is not very religious, but is culturally aware of what has happened historically in Europe and the Middle East to appreciate Muslims and their religion.

That’s because it’s hard to love somebody that keeps trying to kill off your DNA down to the last man, woman and child.

By the way, that hatred did not start in 1948, as many Muslims would have you believe. It goes way back. The perfect example is the Grand Mufti spending World War II in Berlin, being feted by Adolph Hitler and ordering his Arab Legions to wipe out all the Jews they could find.

I understand philosophically that the Muslims who want to build near Ground Zero might not belong to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas or Hezbollah, all Muslim groups that have pledged their lives to pushing the Jews into the sea, but neither have I heard them say that they don’t believe that Jews should live in Israel, nor have I heard them say that all religions are equal, and that I won’t go to hell just because I am Jewish.

The mayor says that they don’t have to pledge those things, because they have the right to their religious beliefs. Perhaps he is right, but I don’t see anywhere in the Constitution that says that a group that won’t repudiate terrorism has the right to build near a site that many, especially the families of those who died there at the hands of Muslim terrorists, is considered sacred to their memory and will be defiled by building a monument to those who killed their loved ones.

It seems to me that the mayor is like that scientist in the movie “The Thing That Came To Earth,” better known as “The Thing.”

You’ll remember that James Arness, later of “Gunsmoke” fame, played a giant carrot who crashed on the ice cap and was slowing killing Air Force personnel and local animals.

The Air Force heroes set up an electrical trap to cook Arness.

Just as they are about to spring the trap and save the world, however, this scientist runs pas them, yelling “Don’t kill it. I can talk to it. It just wants to be our friend.”

The carrot eats him, and his blood soon mixed with the cold, cold ice.

The Mayor and the others who believe that they can deal with Muslims in a rational basis are just like that scientist.

You can’t deal with people who have the irrational belief that only their religion has the answer and everybody who doesn’t believe that deserves to go to hell, or to die, whichever comes first.

The Israelis found that out early, and that’s why the tiny nation has one of the best Air Forces in the world. To develop a strong military is the only way to survive when all of your neighbors have vowed to destroy you in the name of their religion.

You don’t deal with giant killer carrots by talking to them. You zap them until they become a soufflé.

You certainly don’t grant them entree to your most sacred sites.

The mayor and the mosque’s other supporters try to soften the idea by likening the building to a YMCA or a Jewish community center.

The Y does not teach that all infidels deserve to die, and neither does a Jewish community center. Many mosques and Muslim community centers do.

That is a fact of life.

The governor recently offered some land away from the Ground Zero location for the new Muslim Community Center.

The offer was turned down.

Perhaps it’s because the developers do want to build a Muslim victory center nearby Ground Zero.

The developers, however, continue to push progressive politicians, who back the mosque on philosophical grounds.

One of them told the New York Times that he was meeting privately with those opposed to the project, but that he “bridled at constantly having to defend himself and the project publically.”

Certainly, he can understand the opposition even if he does not agree with those who oppose the mosque on equally philosophical grounds.

He recently refused to go on CNN to debate Rick Lazio.

“This is not a debate,” he told the Times. “I am an American. I am a New Yorker. I’m exercising the rights of my country. There is no textbook that tells me how to do this.”

But it is a debate, and his co-religionists who took down the World Trade Center, who used shoe bombs and underwear bombs in an attempt to bring down airplanes, who tried to blow up synagogues upstate and Times Square have made it into a debate.

Have the developers repudiated those people?

Have they repudiated Hamas, Hezbollah and the Arab Brotherhood?

They have not. When they are asked to do that, they say they don’t have to because they are Americans and have a right under the Constitution to build their religious institution anywhere they want.

To my mind, that kind of argument is disingenuous. The Constitution is not a suicide pact.

To me, the final straw came on Monday of this week, when Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Zahar commented on the controversy.

As you know, Hamas has in its constitution a clause that says that Israel and all Jews must be annihilated as soon as possible.

“Muslims have to build everywhere, even at Ground Zero, so that Muslims can pray, just like Christians and Jews, at their own place of worship.”

For a guy who keeps lobbing missiles into Israel, he certainly understands that Americans are suspicious of his motives.

Do we need an international terrorist what we need to do in New York City in order to be politically correct?

Then, there are the people who say there are strip clubs, hookers and other x-rated stores nearby Ground Zero, but the fact is that it wasn’t hookers or the proprietors of x-rated stores that brought down the World Trade Center – it was Muslim terrorists like those in Hamas.

Those who say they understand the need to build a mosque near Ground Zero to foster understanding and brotherhood are like that scientist in “The Thing,” and they are the problem, not the solution.

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This Mosque & Islamic

This Mosque & Islamic community center is certainly a poke-in-the-eye to Americans. From it's clandestine financial underwriting, to it's support from Hamas, to the radical leanings of it's direct organizer--imam Ralf, this architectural insult should not be built. Americans understand the right to practicing one's religion, but they also understand what an affront is too. This is why over 70% of the population do not support the building of the ground zero mosque. NYC is littered with Mosques, there is a huge Islamic center in Manhattan at 3rd and 96th Street. Muslims should reconsider pushing the issue here, apologize and build elsewhere. Common sense requires no less.

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