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The Progressive

Economic Woes
By John Paul Culotta

This summer all of us are worried about the state of our nation’s economic situation. Many of us foresee deficits as a threat to our future. At the same time, we and most of the globe suffer from a sluggish economy and poor employment prospects for many. Millions are finding it a burden to meet primary economic obligations. Cities and states in this nation cannot reconcile the needs of their citizens with budget restraints. Some countries’ credit worth has been eroded. The Euro has been weakened. Unemployment is at all time high since the Second World War in many countries. The list of economic problems appears endless.

This nation has faced worse economic times in the past but this economic depression is unique because the nation is still fighting major wars overseas.

Military expenditure is the root of our deficits - not social spending or entitlement programs. We need to examine our entire budgetary expenditures including the military, the reckless reliance of financial institutions to master our fates, and the disregard of the human suffering that social spending cuts inflict.

Our economy should work for us, not for the Wall Street titans.

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Great points Bing.

Great points Bing. Entitlements and generational dependency of the level America supports will ultimately be our undoing. It is not popular or politically correct to point it out for fear of being labeled by liberal media in some unflattering way. Considering the overt militarism of China at this point, the threat of Iran becoming an atomic power and the growth of separatist Islamic populations in the west, directs America to keep it's guard up. Lower it, to serve the entitlement crowd is simply asking for catastrophe. As for the taxation, it is at odious levels already. To imagine what the democrat party will soon burden the productive with is mind-boggling.

Mr. Progressive and his

Mr. Progressive and his economic woes The sky is falling the sky is falling. Oh, please government step in and prop up the sky. Help us because we cannot help ourselves. Mr. Progressive, We put ourselves in this position and we will get out of it if we pull up our bootstraps. You do have a pair of boots, don't you? As far as social and military spending here are the facts. Of our Mandatory spending of $2.014 trillion $1.992 trillion goes to Social Spending or entitlement programs. Of our Discretionary spending of $1.368 trillion $663.7 billion goes to Department of Defense (including Overseas Contingency Operations). Could we save some money by not being in a war, of course. Ask the people of Germany, France and other European countries if it was worth the US being in a war. Ask most of the Iraq and Afghanistan people if it is worth the US being in a war. We (like it or not) are the worlds police force. Should we leave it up to China or Russia to handle that task? While social spending is a worthwhile cause if used correctly do you think it is correct to have 5 generations of unbroken welfare? People giving birth at 14-15 to produce more money. Having great grandparents that are 55 years old that have never had a job. We need to take a serious look at how we are spending our entitlements. 47% of Americans do not pay taxes and the latest poll shows that 49% think that their tax bill are fair (go figure). Deficits are a MAJOR issue. If I run a deficit I have to cut back or else. I cannot print more money. You make cuts and you make it work. That’s it, final. If you don’t you default and you have nothing, nada, zilch and you go around screaming the sky is falling. Spend more time making it work and stop whining. Bing Strassburg

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